Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Take a deep breath

One of Maddy's issues is processing situations and problem solving. We take for granted that we and those around us know what to do when things happen. For Madeline this is a learned behavior and that means lots of drama/trauma when there does not need to be.

Here is a good example of what I am talking about.

Maddy was taking a shower and she was supposed to call me when she was ready for me to dry and straighten her hair. I am doing random house things, I hear her get out of the shower and assume she is doing her after shower routine.

A few minutes later I hear her screaming for me. This is not a calling out my name, this is a fearful scream. Immediately I assume she is about to have a seizure, so I run to my bathroom full speed. As I round the corner, getting ready to deal with seizure I see Maddy holding a bottle of Diet Coke that is fizzy and spewing from the top.

She dropped her Diet Coke and instead of picking it up and leaving it in one place she panicked. All she knew what that Mom had to fix this. So she ran around in my bathroom and bedroom spreading Diet Coke all over the place.

I have to be careful when things like this happen because I need to teach her how to react appropriately. She was upset because she was scared and did not know what to do, so I have to be calm and assure her that I am not mad. Once I have her calm I can then explain what she should have done and then clean up the mess.

She did help mop the floor and now knows what to do when she drops her drink. Let's just hope she remembers.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I got nuttin

I have not been on the blogging spree that I was earlier this month. I will blame it on real life shenanigans. So here is some randomness until I feel inspired to post again.

Maddy is great, she is wonderful and happy. We have lots of plans and we think she might have made an honest to goodness friend with a kiddo her age.

My house hates me. I try to love it, I try to keep it nice and clean and we are constantly improving it. The house repays us by backing up the AC drain and ruining walls and ceilings and giving us the pleasure of dealing with insurance. Ugh...

I am making great progress on the Letter of Intent and I am very pleased with the amount of information and detail I will be providing. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on this project.

My third cousin once removed (I think I figured it out correctly) was in a car wreck this weekend. It is bad, she will have a very long recovery. I pray for her and her family. I also was reminded that we need to say our words carefully for we never know when bad things can happen. I will be praying for them and if you have a spare second toss some positive thoughts their way.

My dog has developed a bump on his head, looks like a mole. He acts just fine, but I bet we take him to the Vet anyway..

I guess that is all for now...hope everyone is having a good week!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Remember When Wednesday

Just a few memories from the good ole days!

1. Remember when you got things in the mail. The real mail, birthday cards, packages with presents on holidays. You would save up labels from cereal boxes to get toys in the mail. You had at least one friend who had a pen pal from a really cool place.

2. Polaroid cameras were so cool when they came out. You could have a picture immediately!

3. When you wanted to talk to a friend you either called them on the phone or you walked/biked to their house. When you were at their house you interacted with their entire family and you did whatever their parents said.

4. Speaking of phones, they were attached to the wall and you had to dial the number, push button phones were amazing when they came out. If you lived way out in the country you had party lines, so you had to make sure none of your neighbors were on the phone before you could use it.

5. You had a record player and if you listened really, really carefully you could hear the secret messages when you played the record backwards!

Can't wait to hear what you remember/miss from the good ole days!

Monday, July 20, 2009

She WILL have her way

There are times when Maddy is so much like Mark it makes me smile. I am not wired the way they are. Typically when I am given the answer "no" with a logical reason I just move on. Not those two, if they will pursue it until they achieve their goals.

Maddy is very, very much into Twilight and the entire series. She has just about every piece of Twilight merchandise there is. She will spend hours (truly hours) scouring e-bay and all the Twilight sites for something that she just might need.

When I was in Vegas with my Mom her Grandmom took her out shopping and they purchased a good amount of Twilight stuff. While in Vegas I could not find much for Maddy as I had been there just a few months before so I also took her to Hot Topic and both the few things she still wanted. As Maddy is showing Mark all her new Twilight stuff he declared a ban on all things Twilight. He stated that she had enough and there would be nothing new purchased. He and I both know that in November with New Moon coming out it will cost us a bit more than just a movie ticket to see the show.

A few days later Maddy brought up the fact again that she needs a new mouse pad for her computer. The one she has is very old but still works. Big surprise, there is an Edward mouse pad she wants from E-bay. I went to Amazon to look there for one and she of course did not like any of those. Every Saturday she has a list for Mark of things to do for her I-Pod and I told her to put a new mouse pad on that list and we would talk about it over the weekend.

Maddy is not one to wait when she wants something so when Mark got home she told him about the mouse pad she wanted. When he told her no that he would buy her a good decent mouse pad, she was not happy. A couple of days later when Mark arrived home from work she brought down the mouse pad she was using. It had a picture of Mickey Mouse on it and she loudly stated to him that she had a mouse pad with a picture on it and that mouse pad worked just fine. She did not understand why she could not have a new mouse pad with a different picture on it.

The next day Mark ordered the new mouse pad with a picture of Edward on it. The girl is good..what can I say!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It has to be done

I am currently having to do something that hurts my heart. Like most people I try to avoid things that hurt, but in this case I must get this done. We are in the process of setting up a special needs trust for our daughter. We need to make sure that when we are gone there will be someone to take care of her and her needs. One of the key parts of this process is a letter of intent. ( Yes I know this link is to somewhere in NY but it gives a great description of what I attempting.) Even the professionals tell the parents that this will be a very difficult process but it is one of the most important. Also you are never truly done with this, it should be updated at least once a year.

After putting it off for a couple weeks, I decided I would try to just plow through and get this done. There will be input from other people involved in Maddy's life, but I need to get the basic framework done to help guide them on what information to help me add. Most projects I just get it done in a timely and efficient manner. This project however will not be that way.

Currently I can only work on it for little chunks of time. When I begin to work on it my mind goes into thoughts and places I don't want to go. I begin to question why and did I do something wrong. I question if I have done the right things by her as she has grown up and continues to grow and mature. I play the "I should have game" and I always lose.

Most days and in most situations I am a sane and rational person and can have a conversation regarding Maddy and her needs. However when I have to spell out in specifics everything she can't or will never do, it hurts. When I have to go into detail about every medical issue and procedure she has had, it hurts. Then I become upset about things I can't change and I can't truly do what needs to be done. When I get to this point, I put it down and come back later.

This will get done and I know I will do a good job with it, but I also need to not let my mind dwell on things I can't change. My focus needs to be on her future and how this letter can make that better for her.

It will take me a few weeks and a few tears, but I will get this done.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Remember When Wednesday

I am still fairly new to the blog world, but I noticed quickly that for almost any day of the week there is a theme you can use. I have not seen this yet, but I am sure it is out there somewhere. I have decided to start Remember When Wednesday and spend some time reflecting on the "Good Ole Days".

The first one is for the Dr.

1. Remember when the best water in the whole world came from straight from the water hose. Sometimes you were so thirsty you could not wait for the warm water that was sitting in the hose to run out first.

2. How about before the ATM/Pulse machine. You went to the bank drive through on Friday afternoon and they gave out the mini rolls of Lifesavers. If you did not get to the bank before the weekend, you had to make due with no money.

3. Sunday nights were all about the Wonderful World of Walt Disney followed by Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.

4. Life was not fair, you got your feelings hurt, you did not always win. You got knocked down and you learned how to stand back up again. We were better people (in most cases) for have a few hard knocks along the way.

5. When a thong was a shoe not underwear!

Hope you enjoy and feel free to add your own memories in the comments section.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sometimes you wish you had never asked

Yesterday while at my in-laws the following conversation took place. My sister-in-law had just arrived and asked what most people would consider to be an easy question.

Sister-in-law (SiL): I am thirsty can I have a bottle of water?

Mother-in-law (MiL): No, no you don't want a bottle of water, the water from my tap is filtered it is just as good.

SiL: Umm, ok, is it cold?

MiL: Well no, but you can put some ice in it. Don't worry the ice is filtered water as well from the fridge.

SiL: Can't I just use the water from the fridge if it is filtered?

MiL: No, don't do that the use the water from the tap.

SiL: *Gets glass down* Well they should be the same so I will get it from the fridge.

*Everyone has now chimed in and half are chanting fridge and the others are chanting from the tap*

SiL: Fine, fine I will get some from both

My Husband: Don't do that the water from the filter at the sink is hot water.

SiL: What?!!

MiL: *about to have a heart attack* NO, NO, that water is cold he is making that up.

SiL: Finally gets the water in the glass and sits down. *The water is in a decorative cup* EWWW this water is BROWN!

MiL: What?!! No that can not be.

Me: I think the cup is making the water look brown.

MiL: My water is white not brown, here let me get a different glass I will show you.

Me: Ummm..wouldn't white water really be no fat milk?

MiL: *Pours water into different glass* See I told you my water is not brown, it is white.

Me: I kinda think it is clear not white

MiL: Whatever

My SiL sits down to drink her white water and my MiL says.....

We have bottled water in the outside cooler.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Things I Love Part Two

I hope today finds everyone positive and thinking of the things they love. I won't take up too much of your time today but at the end of the post there will be some links if you would like to kill a bit more time.

Things I love

My Roses

I was never one to grow things, I tried a garden several times at our other house and was not successful. Where we live now I have about 10 rose bushes and they bring me great joy. I like to trim them, arrange the roses and have the fresh flower smell in the house.


I love to be around people. Going to lunch, breakfast or over to someone's house to visit is always enjoyable for me. When I look at my calendar for the week and I see plans with friends written down it lets me know I have a rich full life. To have a really good friend you must be one and I hope that all the lunches and dinners are a reflection of my friendship with others.

Baking and Cooking

My grandmother used to bake and she always made the most wonderful things. She showed me a few secrets over the years and I love when I make cookies with perfectly golden brown bottoms. When I bake not only do I think of her, but I also am showing Maddy that not all food comes from a box, can, or restaurant. You really can take all those random items in the pantry and make something with them. Mark and I like to cook together. Some of my favorite Saturday afternoons are when we together. This house has a horribly small kitchen and I think we are both ready to have a kitchen we can cook together in.


Music is almost always on in the house. We love all types and styles of music. Maddy has the love of music and loves to talk to people about it. Music is just good for the soul. It can transport you in time, make you laugh and even make you cry. A magical story is told in a short amount of time.

Let me know in the comments section what things you love!

As promised here is an additional time killer for those who are watching the clock waiting for the weekend to begin.

If you like Country music then click here and here.

If you like Old School rock n roll click here.

If you like kinda off the wall stuff then click here.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things I Love Part One

Some friends of mine call me an annoying optimist and I suppose I am. I prefer to surround myself with positive thoughts and energy. I am not a half full or half empty kind of gal with the glass of water. I am so happy to have the glass and some water and will look for someone to share it with. My past few posts I have enjoyed writing, but today and tomorrow I am going to focus on positives. Most likely this will be long winded, which is why I decided to write this over two days.

Things I love:

My Family

I love both my parents they influenced my life in very different ways. It makes me beam with pride to honestly say I love my husband and even more importantly I respect him. I respect him as a man, a father and most importantly as a friend. My daughter brings me great joy every day. One of the unique things about having a special needs child is that you get to enjoy life through the eyes of child and too many "grown-ups" forget how to do that and lose a bit of magic in life. I love my extended family. Growing up and still today I am surrounded by people who love me for me and I love them. My family reunions are a joy to me and I am thankful every year that so many people take the time each year to spend a weekend with family.


I love Sundays for a few reasons. The first is church, I have always enjoying going to church. It makes me feel good and taking the time to reflect on life in peaceful surroundings is something we should do more often. Maddy loves our new church and her youth group. It makes me so happy to see her making friends and doing social activities and having experiences that Mark and I can not provide. The second reason I love Sunday's is going over to my in-laws house. I am truly blessed with the most wonderful in-laws in the world. They love me very much and they adore Maddy. My sister-in-law comes over with her boys and for the afternoon, we laugh, swim, have challenging conversations and good food. There is not a better way to spend a weekend afternoon in my opinion.

Pizza and Beer

Probably not high on many peoples lists but I love them both and they make me happy. Enough said.


When I learn something new I feel good, there is so much I don't know that I feel like I have accomplished something when new information comes to me. The way people think and why they believe the things they do fascinates me. The ability to listen to others and not judge them makes people want to open up to you and boy can you learn a lot! It is a shame that most people don't realize that the best way to learn is to listen. ( I think this is part of what made me enjoy teaching so much.)

My Dog

Technically he is our dog, but gosh darn it I love the bejeebus out of him. The way he runs full speed around the house makes me laugh. When he pushes his toys into the back of your legs to get you to play with him. When he does the pick me up routine so he can sleep on me. Every day he makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy. Today I leave with a picture of Bruiser and Maddy hoping they make you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy as well.

Tomorrow I will continue with more things I love, until then stay positive in your world!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things I miss

As I go throughout my days be it at home or out and about running errands there are things I do truly miss. I am guilty of some of these things as well, but I am aware of my faults and strive to improve them. I might not be perfect, but I do work to be "pretty darn good" by the end of the day.


Pride is headed for extinction. I mean the working hard, being part of something and a common goal. I drive around town and I see trash on the ground and in the streets. How hard is it to place something in a trash can? People only seem to associate themselves with groups that they can not truly be a part of or make an impact with. Appearance (I am guilty of this one) we have an extremely large (no pun intended) obese population. Have we really become so lazy we won't take a walk in the evening?

Common Courtesy

This one is probably what I miss the most on a daily basis. Everyone is so wrapped up in themselves that they feel that common courtesy is for them only. When is the last time you saw someone helping an elderly person with anything? What about traffic laws and showing kindness to others ( I am bad about this one, but working on it), will it really hurt to let that person in or over into our lane? Using words, like "you first", "please", "thank you", "let me get that for you". When did it become all about the poor downtrodden victim instead of those who help themselves and others?


We have seen such great advances in technology and at the same time we have made huge steps backwards in productivity. All that time that is saved by technology is being wasted by having technology entertain us. ( I am VERY guilty of this and I am working hard to correct it). When is the last time you wrote a letter to someone or got a card in the actual mail? For that matter when was the last time you took the time to send a nice long e-mail to a friend? Our world has been shortened to 140 characters. Instead of watching tv or killing time on the internet how about visiting with a neighbor, or meeting your neighbors? Clean out that closet and donate what you don't need. Since I have become aware of the time that I lose due to technology I am becoming more productive by the day! (Don't worry I still have time to post to my blog!)

Anyway..I do need to get back to cleaning and organizing. Stop reading my blog and go be productive!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Becoming a Sage Girl has inspired me!

Recently I have been reading an excellent, well thought out, smart blog by Southern Sage. If you have time you need to read his posts. His words have inspired me to share a few of my own thoughts.

Before I begin please let me say that loss of life is a tragedy and I have sympathy for all families when they experience a loss. However, the television broadcasts today are making me ill to my stomach.

I truly feel like I am a plebeian sitting in the Roman Colosseum during the games, being distracted by frivolous events instead of being informed on what is truly important. Is the memorial service for Michael Jackson so important that the cash strapped state of California needs to use 20% of it police force and 2 million dollars on this event? Is really the best thing these thousands and thousands of people could be doing with their day? Every American television major network is covering this event and even sites like CNN have this on the main page.

This is a great day for our career politicians, we the sheeple are wasting time, money and energy on something that is a natural cycle of life. Instead of the news covering things that are actually important to our nation and should concern the citizens are yet again being ignored by the media.

These are the things that our media and all citizens should be focusing on:

1. Cap and Trade: If don't know what this is then shame on you and harness the power of the internet to research it.

2. A little country called North Korea and their crazy little leader Kim Jong-il tossing around missiles and give the UN a big middle finger.

3. Political unrest in many parts of the world...Honduras and Iran come to mind.

4. The genocide in Darfur..the first ever genocide to be labeled one while it is occurring.

5. Illegal immigration and the impact on our education and health programs.

I am sure I am leaving out several other very important topics but these are the ones that come to mind. Human suffering is just that..suffering that is created and perpetuated by humans. So the "we can't do anything about that" is a bunch of bull and just what the politicians want.

We have a heck of a lot better chance to make a difference in our country than we do resurrecting Michael Jackson.

If you enjoyed my rant thank Southern Sage and let me know in the comments section and I will feel more at ease doing more of these type posts. If you did not like it then blame Southern Sage and you will get more family conversations and puppy pictures.

Working Out

Now that Mark is feeling better after his surgeries in November and December we are going to the gym again on a regular basis. Getting older and becoming friends again with beer has not put us in the best of shape. We both want to lose some weight, get back in shape and teach Maddy the value of working out.

I like the Wii Fit, but cardio workouts are much better at the gym. Maddy and I do the Wii Fit balance games since I need the core muscle workout/control and she needs all things balance. Between doing the cardio at the gym and the Wii Fit I might just reach a few of my goals.

We are both so happy that Maddy likes and wants to go to the gym and work out. We have found things that she likes to do and is comfortable doing. She is so slow to attempt anything out of her comfort zone we are so thankful that we have success at the gym. There are times that I would rather do a quick cardio and then the machine rotation with Mark, but I stay with Maddy to make sure she is successful and comfortable with her surroundings.

After working out I always feel better and I can't wait till the weather cools off again so we can add walking the dog back into our exercise routine. I know we are doing the right thing for ourselves and for Maddy by have a regular exercise schedule.

Even though I like going tot he gym with my family and how the workout makes me feel my favorite part of the gym is well...Man Meat. This gym is a total eye candy store! I am worse than the guys..I pick the treadmill I can see the majority of the floor from so I can get a good view.

As I look around the candy store...I mean gym I try to pedal a little faster on the bike or walk longer on the treadmill, because if they can look like that at my/their age..then I can too!

For the record this is not a random Man Meat photo, this is an actual friend from High School who has started competing. His dedication is so amazing and I love to hear about his workouts and his words of encouragement to me about getting back in shape. (I did ask if I could use his photo for my blog, however I might have forgotten to mention the "Man Meat" remarks.)

So ladies, get to the gym to work out and browse. Men, keep up the good work and watch out for us old ladies on the treadmills!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


It is hot I mean really really hot. Yesterday we braved the heat to do some furniture shopping for Maddy. We found something she really liked and we approved off at the second place we looked, but we wanted to look at one more place before making the final decision. After walking in the heat across HUGE parking lots we just got hotter and hotter, the small amounts of time in the furniture store was not enough to cool us off. As we headed back to the second store to purchase what Maddy wanted the following conversation took place.

Mark: Maddy where is the hottest place you have ever been?

Maddy: (without hesitation) Austin, Texas

Mark: Hmmm..really

Maddy: Yep

Mark: When were you in Austin?

Maddy: I was born there!

Mark: O.K. How do you know this is the hottest place you have been?

Maddy: Cause I was born there and I heard it was really hot there. I know things...

Mark: Well ok, but I asked the hottest place you have been, not heard about.

Maddy: Here, ok , right here, right now in Houston..this is the hottest I have ever been!

Mark: Thought so...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Doing the Right thing..a little late

I try to do the right things in life. Like everyone I slip up from time to time. I also worry a lot, so this can be a dangerous combination. Over the past few years and the last year especially I have learned to relax on the worrying and do a whole lot more enjoying. Things that need to get done get done and the other things move up on the list and will get done.

Having lunch with friends or doing something with Maddy is much more rewarding than going through that closet or shelf again. I need to do the closets and shelves, but they don't have to be at the top of the list. However this holiday weekend I do intend to get some cleaning done!

Back to the story at hand. When Maddy is at speech I usually run to Target and get the few random things that have been missed during shopping. I enjoy browsing and seeing things I think I might need one day. About 2 months ago while at Target I purchased several items. When I arrived at my car I noticed a pair of sunglasses in the back corner of the cart that I did not pay for. It was hot, I had spent more time in Target than I intended and I just really, really, really did not want to go back inside to deal with it.

It was truly unintentional shoplifting so I decided that when I returned in two weeks I would pay for the glasses. Well two weeks turned into 2 months as I never was able to get back to that Target. (Maddy has speech therapy about 35 mins from our house.) Yesterday I finally got back to Target. I walked in, found the same glasses and went to customer service and paid for them. The lady was very nice, very surprised and seemed genuinely happy that I paid for the glasses. She thanked me several times for my honesty.

Sometimes in life it is the little things that make you happy and feel good about yourself. Yesterday paying for those silly sunglasses was one of those moments for me.