Saturday, January 30, 2010

When you have beer

When we go out to buy beer we buy a lot of it. I don't mean one or two six packs, cases or whatnot. We watch for sales and if there is no limit we typically buy around 10 or 12. Maddy is horrified at this but the hubby finds it to be the most efficient system.

I am always amazed at how many strangers will talk to you when you have a cart full of beer. The comments are usually pretty consistent and range from asking when/where the party is to wanting to follow us home.

What is it about a cart full of beer that makes people talk to a stranger? Maybe beer is the secret weapon to world peace?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some days it just does not work

The day started out great! Good moods all around and very productive, we even went to the gym. After we got home Maddy took a shower and then we headed to the table to do our bookwork. Typically we do our bookwork first thing and then do whatever we have left for the day. I am sure if the change in routine is what caused the brick wall or not.

We were on our second book which is Life Skills for Special Needs Children by Darlene Mannix. It is a great book, great pictures and we always have a great time working in the book.

Today the topic was keeping your floor clean. There was a list of 5 items and you had to decide if it would be used to vacuum, mop or sweep. It was set up with a line next to the item and you would either put a 1 if the item was used to vacuum, a 2 if it was used to mop or a 3 if you used it for sweeping.

I read the instructions and away we go. The items were bucket, broom, vacuum cleaner, mop and dustpan. I ask Maddy which item would you vacuum with? She easily declares vacuum cleaner and places a 1 on the line beside the item.

Next I asked what would she need to mop and she quickly says mop and places a 2 next to the picture of the mop. I ask what else would you need to mop? She says bucket and I ask what number do you need use for mopping.

This is where I curse the public school system. It made no sense to her that you could have the number 2 listed in two places. She first said 3 and when I explained that 3 meant sweeping she became more confused. Since she had used 1,2 and I ruled out 3 she went straight to the number 4. I explained that 4 was not an option and went over the directions again.

She knew that a bucket was for mopping but she continued to throw out random numbers because she had already used the number 2. I explained the directions several times to her and we both were slowly getting more and more frustrated.

We managed to make it out of the lesson alive, but quickly broke for lunch after wards. I have learned that when it does not work, don't push it. It is much better to take a break and try again later.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Is it really that hard?

We don't usually order pizza to be delivered. There is only one pizza place that delivers to us and I would rather go to Carrabba's which is just as close and has much better pizza. This Saturday our friend and his young son were at the house. The young man very much wanted to have pizza for dinner. So we dialed the number to Papa Johns and then the roller coaster ride began.

Approximately 30ish minutes after the order was placed the phone rang. It was the delivery guy letting us know he was at the gate. (Our house has a gated front yard.) I buzz him in and he hands me two pizzas and I hand him some money. Once I get in the house and open the first box I know that something is wrong. These are not our pizzas. I look on the box and sure enough we have the wrong pizza order. It was not just a little wrong, it was totally different pizza toppings and crusts.

We make a few jokes about eating the pizza and what to do with the wrong pizza while I call the store back to get to correct order. I promise I am not making any of the rest of this up.

*On hold for about 5 minutes*

Box of Rocks (never got their actual name, but this one fits): Thank you for holding, do you want the blah, blah, blah special.

Me: No thank you I am calling because you delivered the wrong pizzas to me

Box of Rocks: Huh..what is your phone number?

Me: Our number is 867-5309 (not our real number)

Box of Rocks: I see that have already ordered pizza with us and it is on the way to you now.

Me: No it is not

Box of Rocks: No, honest the driver has your pizza now

Me: Maybe so but he gave me pizza that belongs to someone else.

Box of Rocks: Ok, give me a second and let me check on that

Me: What should I do with the pizza that was delivered?

Box of Rocks: Give it to the driver so he can deliver it

Me: So you would take a pizza that has been in someone's house and re-deliver it to another house?

Box of Rocks: Ummmm..

Me: I know I don't want pizza that has been in someones' house

Box of Rocks: Hold on let me get my manager

*on hold*

Box of Rocks: Ok, we called the driver and he is bringing you the pizza now

Me: Did you understand my point that I don't want the chance that my pizza has been in someone's house and are you really going to take this pizza from my house, that is now cold and deliver it to someone?

Box of Rocks: Hold on! *attempts to cover phone, but I can hear everything* This lady is all mad and thinks her pizza has been in someones house, what am I supposed to do about this????

Box of Rocks: *Sigh* let me put you back on hold and get my manager

*After waiting about five minutes I am disconnected*

Paris: Thank you for calling Papa John's this is Paris may I have your phone number?

Me: 867-5309

Paris: Did you know you have already ordered pizza from us tonight?

Me: Yes, I am the person who had the wrong pizza's delivered. I am still trying to get the correct order

Paris: Oh yeah, hold on

*after a couple of minutes*

Paris: We have already called the driver and he is bringing your pizza to you now

Me: I am pretty sure that the pizza is going to be cold by now.

Paris: You are probably right. I am really, really busy right now. Saturday night is our busiest night and I really need to take these orders. I will try to find the manager for you. Do you think you can call me back in five minutes?

Me: I need to call you back in five minutes to find out if I am going to get fresh correct pizza delivered?

Paris: Yep, that would be great, I am really busy. Give me like 5 minutes and call me back

Me: Ummm..ok

About 2 minutes later the phone rings

Me: Hello

Erica: Hi this is Erica from Papa Johns we are making your new pizzas now and will get them to you asap. Just keep the other pizza that we delivered we are going to make them new pizzas as well.

About 2 minutes later the phone rings

Paris: Hello Miss Jennifer, I wanted to call and let you know we are going to make new pizzas and have them delivered to you asap.

Me: Wow Thanks!!!

About 30 minutes later the same delivery guy had our new pizza

Deliver Guy: Wow so sorry about that, I have had really bad heartburn all day and I guess I am just not thinking straight.

So the family that never ordered pizza is still having pizza for leftovers....

Friday, January 22, 2010

I love you honey, I hope you have food posioning

The hubby is sick and well it is kinda my fault. Earlier in the week I asked him when the last time he was sick and neither of us could remember. So what happens? Yep, he got sick last night.

When he came home from work, he mentioned that he was not going to eat dinner and that his lunch was just not sitting right with him. He was fine till about 8:00 and then whatever he has hit him hard!

So far Maddy and I seem to be fine, so I am hoping it was a bad lunch and not a stomach virus type thing.

Hoping the hubby mends quickly and I dodge the virus!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yes I am a dork!!

Yesterday Maddy and I were at the park walking the dog. When we take the dog to the park Maddy always brings along her Ipod so we have music while we walk.

While the dog stopped to sniff every freaking blade of grass in one spot, a song came on the Ipod. I began to do a silly little hip shake and my free hand was doing the most awesome 70's type move. I was make a big "O" with my hand and while shaking my hips I was saying "Operator". The following conversation occured:

Maddy: Umm..Mom..what are you doing?

Me: I am dancing, do I look cool?

Maddy: NO, why are you swinging your arm like that and saying Operator?

Me: I am making a big "O" with my arm?

Maddy: Why? Why would you be making a big "O" with your arm?

Me: Well, Operator begins with "O" so I am making an "O" while I do my dance?

Maddy: Umm ok, but I still don't understand the song is called "Radar". She is singing "on my radar".

Me: NO WAY!! Are you sure?

Maddy: *Sighs* Yes Mom, I am sure, see the name of the song is Radar.

If you have a minute or two listen to the song and see if it sounds like operator or on my radar to you. Maddy has agreed that it does sound a bit like operator.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I am unique

We all have little things about us that make us unique. Here is a partial list of things that make me who I am.

I have an irrational fear of jellyfish. I can blame my parents for this one. When I was a child we would go down to the Gulf of Mexico and fish. They convinced me that jellyfish were lurking about ready to jump out and attack me. To this day I still think that my picture is on the 10 most wanted list of jellyfish.

When I am with you I will tell you where curbs are, steps up and down and any other sort of visual clues you might need. This comes from having a visually impaired child who does not pay attention to where she is going.

If I need to go anywhere I will tell you 100 times where I will be and how to reach me. This comes from my childhood. The rule in my house was if I had to be reached only one phone call should be made. Of course, this was before cell phones. Heck our phone was attached to the wall and you had to actually dial the numbers.

I am borderline CDO. This is like OCD, but the letters are in the correct order! I come by this naturally as my family tends to be this way. I have a family member that keeps their pantry in alphabetical order!

Bizarre situations and things occur to me. Several years ago the hubby and I were at the movies while Maddy was at school one day. She had a seizure at school and our neighbor figured out where we might be. She went to the movie theater and made such a fuss that they did a break in announcement during the movie. It is a bit odd to be watching a movie and have it interrupted with your name in the announcement.

Many of my friends call me an annoying optimist. I suppose it is true as if I have a glass with water in it one of two things will occur. I will be so happy to have the glass and water I will share it before even checking if it is full or not. The other thing that could happen is the water is poured out and the glass will be filled with yummy beer! I don't think of myself as an optimist I made a decision a long time ago to focus on the positive and not let the negative affect me. Life is much better this way.

I can turn pretty much anything into an education or learning moment. Part of this comes from a conversation that I had with my Mother many, many years ago. She told me that if you learn from something then it is not a mistake, but a chance at a learning experience. I think of this often and try to remember to let Maddy have experiences and not just book lessons.

Overall I am very happy with myself and embrace my unique qualities. Life is much better when we decide to love ourselves and not be so dang critical. So whatever you are beating yourself up about, stop it and embrace your inner unique!

Shades of the past

A situation has appeared in my house that reminded me of something that happened to me as a teenage girl. Even though I don't think any of the parties will read this I am going to changes names to protect the love sick.

Maddy is a very pretty and sweet girl. When she joined her new church group she caught the eye of a few boys. This is wonderful since this is not a social situation I can provide for her at home. We have dealt with boys vying for her attention during class, excessive teasing and tickling, and the scramble of who will sit next to her. All of this has been fine, sweet and cute until a new young man has appeared and upped the ante.

Last year for a few weeks I taught a social skills class for a small group of kids at church. (It was great fun and I will be doing it again this year.) In the first session of class a young man named Dave was going on and on about his girlfriend and showed her picture to everyone. He made sure to let me know that he was a "ladies man" and he always had a girl on his arm.

After a few weeks of class and a couple of church outings it became apparent that Dave's focus had shifted to Maddy. Maddy was excited at first about this attention as he is quick with the sweet nothings. He would always ask how she was and offer to carry her things.

He has now decided that he loves her madly and will call or text her daily. He went straight from friend to love and that freaked Maddy out a bit. Maddy has repeatedly told him that she is not his girlfriend and she does not want to go on a date. This has not deterred Dave at all, in fact this seems to make him want her more. He is determined to have Maddy be is girlfriend.

One day a while back I received a text from young Dave, who wanted to know how Maddy was, what was her favorite flower and other questions. If he texts her and she will not respond to him, I get a text asking if she is OK and would I have her text him. This situation has reminded me of a situation that happened to me.

I reminded Mom about my own "Dave" when I was in high school and we both had a good chuckle about his antics to win my heart.

I was Maddy's age and a boy decided I needed to be his girlfriend. Since the traditional courting did not work with me he decided to treat it like a business negotiation to win me over to his charms. He would at least once a week outline for me all the reasons he was the best boyfriend I could have. He would promise a certain amount of dinners out per month, shopping trips and flowers sent to me each week.

Each time I refused and he would go back to the drawing board to try to find the correct amount of dinner, shopping, flowers and movies to win my heart. He finally decided that if he could not convince me he would attempt to win me through my mother.

My mother and I lived in a large house that always needed something done. He would call my mom and offer to do things around the house if she would make me go out with him. He quickly found out that this was not the way to win either of our hearts.

Through all of this I did manage to stay friends with him in HS, but I have since lost touch with him. I hope he did find that perfect mix of dinners, movies and shopping to make some lady very happy.

In the meantime I am still fielding texts from Dave and anxiously await when he asks me how to get Maddy to be his girlfriend.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Head meet brick wall

Just a little frustrated here. Seems like lately I keep running into brick walls. Thinking I might try banging my head against them, nothing else has worked.

Right now the focus in my life is trying to identify what is causing me stress and how to eliminate it. This is kind of difficult because I don't really feel stressed out, but according to all data I must be stressed.

Back about mid last year I went to a dermatologist because my skin was incredibly dry and itchy. I have dry skin anyway so I try to keep lotion lathered on me at all times. This however was not your average hey my skin itches, it was the I was waking up in the middle of the night because I have scratched so much I was bleeding. I have little bad spots in random places where I have just about destroyed my skin. The doctor prescribed two medications and neither of them have made a blooming difference. The doctor said I had Eczema that was probably due to stress. So I spent time and money on a doctor visit and medication to only go back to what I was doing in the first place. Lather myself in lotion and try not to scratch.

More recently I went to see a gastroenterologist regarding some issues and I got to do all kinds of blood work, diet changes and a colonoscopy. I have gotten all the results in and well, I am fine. However I am not fine as I still have all the same issues that I had before I spent all of this money! The doctor believes it has to do with stress most likely.

Lets leave out the stress caused by spending my time and lots of money from doctor visits look at what causes stress in my life. Hmmm..nothing really.

I have a wonderful husband. We love and respect each other and there are some exciting new opportunities on the horizon and life is good. I am able to stay at home and provide Maddy with a great education. We have been able to introduce Maddy to a great set of social situations and she has made good friends. I worry about Maddy, but I have done that for her whole life and will continue to.

How do you fix a problem that you can't find. Is my stress coming from a lack of stress? At this point I think I will have the next doctor write me a prescription for a hot tub, massages and good red wine. If that does not fix my stress I don't know what will!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pretty much a perfect Saturday

Today will go down as a great day filled with all the things a good Saturday should have. My nieces drove 5ish hours to come and hang out and spend the night. Some of our good friends came over as well.

We had football on the TV's inside and outside. The outdoor heater was blasting as it was very cold out. The grill was rocking with crazy insane good food. We grilled sausages, clams, lobster tails, scallops, steak and asparagus. We had nice red wine and a ton of cold beer.

There was a lot of laughter, story telling and good eats with both family and friends.

Don't think it can get much better than this.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Clean start to the year

*Warning this post will most likely be considered TMI*

I started the new year with a colonoscopy, I know you are jealous right? I was all set to tell about seeing that green apple jolly rancher I swallowed in Jr. High, but it was really a non-event for me. None of it was awful at all.

The day before started with a liquid diet. Here is where the Dr. and I disagree. I think of a liquid diet as beer, margaritas and martinis. The way I saw it was if you are gonna be miserable in the evening may as well live it up in the morning. His idea was chicken broth and jello. Being a good patient I went with his diet. I was mostly hungry because I knew I was not allowed to eat.

At four I was to begin drinking Moviprep. Moviprep is a cool name, like you are getting ready for a red carpet premier. Trust me you don't want to go to the movies after a little Moviprep. The internet is a fascinating place, I was able to read entry after entry about people handled Moviprep and the best way to drink it.

I mixed it up early in the morning and at four I got my glass, my straw and a variety of things I had been told I could mix in to help with the taste. The first taste was not awful. Basically it tasted like drinking liquid lemon pledge with a dash of salt. I was to drink one liter at four and another liter at seven.

For me it worked out that about the time I was unchained from the bathroom I had to drink again. That last glass of Moviprep was a battle of the wills between me and the demon liquid pledge I was subjecting my body to. I won out, however I am not quite sure what I won. In theory I was a lucky one as I was able to go to bed around 10 and sleep through the night.

Originally I was to be at the surgery center at 6:30 in the morning and I had planned to be home by 10ish. I was called the day before and was asked it I could go in at 9 since the Dr. had a family emergency. I agreed, but then was a nervous as the Dr. would be distracted while perusing around my colon.

I arrived at 9 with the hubby there to drive me home and listen to what the results were. After waiting in the lobby for about an hour I was finally called back to be prepped. They had me do the pee in a cup for a pregnancy test and wanted to know why my blood pressure was a bit high. Well lets see, I am hungry, I waited for an hour before being called, I have a distracted Dr. and I am cold.

I am then wheeled into a room with all sorts of machines and random noises. The Dr. comes in and asks if I have any questions and then I am given a lovely shot of.....and then I wake up in the recovery area.

Everything looked good and I shouldn't have to do this again for 10 years. Hopefully medical advances will be such that I won't have anything to post about then!

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Goals

Good morning everyone. Hopefully those nursing hangovers will bounce back quickly. I had a most wonderful, low key New Years eve and was in bed by 9. However I am still the reigning bowling champ in the house.

This year I am not going to make any resolutions but I am going to set a few goals. I figure I will check in on them in June and then of course revisit them at the end of the year.

1. I am going to lose 24 pounds this year. That is 2 pounds a month and if I don't do it then shame on me for being lazy.

2. By the end of the year I want Maddy to cut her own food 75% of the time. It will be so nice to go out to eat and be able to eat my food when it arrives, not after I have taken care of Maddy.

3. I will have more patience with Maddy. I have already improved on this and now I need to take it to the next level. There needs to be a lot more of me watching and guiding and letting things take 5 times longer than if I had done it. She will never master anything if I keep doing it for her.

4. I am going to actually follow up and visit people when I say I will. The past year has brought me new friends and lots of good times with them. I need to do that with all my friends.

5. I am going to try to be a better person and not fall to the temptation to speak negatively about people. Instead I will find something good to say or offer help for the situation.

6. This year the blog will have more of my personality to it. I am going to write what I think and not worry about who is reading it. I would also like to get to 20 followers this year. So I better write some darn funny/thought provoking posts!

7. I will get the things on my list done that have been there for a long time. The Letter of Intent will be done, the complete clean out of the file cabinet will get done and the organization and certificates for all our art will be done. The photo/serial number inventory will get done.

8. I will cook more and add more variety to our dinner menus. Mostly I will add more vegetables and find a way to have Maddy be a part of the dinner making process. (This goes along with items number 2 and 3.)

9. I will finish the dog training I have talked about and wanted to do. Bruiser is very smart and we need to put his energy and little brain to work!

10. I will live, love and laugh every day and count my blessings. I will not worry about the things I can not change, but concentrate on the people and situations I can impact.