Saturday, December 31, 2011

What a year

2011 was quite the roller coaster ride. Hopeful that 2012 will be a wildly successful year and that everyone stays happy and healthy.

Let's see what we did in 2011:

  • The year started out nice and calm.  Make a good bit of resolutions so I kept and some went by the wayside.
  • Maddy went to Monster Jam with her boyfriend and did really well with the LOUD noises.  It was an "anything for love" outing for her.
  • This was the month of dr. appointments.  Those yearly check-ups, never much fun but a necessary evil.
  • Maddy started in Special Olympics in January.  She was on the track team and loved going to practice each week.
  • We managed to get everything done including Girl Scout events, church events and arranging time for the boyfriend.
  • What a whirlwind month this was.  Every day on the calendar was full.  
  • Track practices and her very first Special Olympics tournament. She did great and medal-ed in every event.
  • Maddy begin a bible study of the basic Tenants of Faith
  • The month closed out with a trip to Vegas.  Always so very thankful for my Mother who comes to my house to keep watch over the child and dog.
  • Track practice, and tournaments continued
  • The prom was on the 9th.  Maddy and the boyfriend had a fabulous time
  • We attended a special charity event for Special Olympics and Maddy was able to mix and mingle with the Houston Astros.
  • In May we made the drive to meet my aunt for lunch and a wonderful time was had by all.  It is nice to reconnect with family.
  • Maddy completed her bible study and was baptized on the 10th
  • The church held a special service for all the kiddos that completed the bible study and they were all confirmed.  We had a table full of family in attendance, it was an amazing day.
  • The month started with my family reunion.  The weekend was filled with love, laughter and family stories.
  • Maddy began Special Olympics swim team.  
  • For the first time EVER Maddy went away to camp for 5 days.
  • While Maddy was at camp we began the preparations to retain Guardianship for when she turned 18
  • The day Maddy left for camp my Mom fell and hurt herself.  We would not find out until a week later that she had burst her L1 vertebra
  • Mother begin the long journey of recovery.  We had hallucinations, a stay in a Houston hospital and then a move to a rehab facility in her home town.
  • Maddy had her first swim tournament and medal-ed in every event.  She loves the tournaments!
  • Most of my month was taken up by driving to check on my Mom once a week and helping her with her long journey of recovery.  She was fitted for a brace that would be on her for several months.
  •  This is a rinse and repeat month.  Look at what I did in July and that is August.
  • The highlight of the month was Mom going home on the 12th.
  • Maddy was thrilled as the Fright Night remake came to theaters.  She loved it so much she managed to convince enough people to take her she saw it 5 times at the movies.
  • Maddy had a swim tournament in town and Mark went with us.  He was there to see her receive her very first gold medal.
  • Mother was making more and more progress towards being independent again
  • Maddy broke up with her boyfriend of over a year.  It was a traumatic day for all involved.
  • Maddy turned 18 and for 4 days she was a legal adult. 
  • Mark and I became parents again.  We are official legal guardians
  • Oct. 7th was a huge milestone for us.  Maddy had gone one year seizure free!  (Thank goodness we are still seizure free)
  • Maddy had her wisdom teeth removed.  She was quite the Chipmunk Cheeks.
  • The SaveOnBrew business was in full swing with some great press both locally and nationally.  My new duties included some PR work as well as Database Management.
  • Thanksgiving was a big milestone for Mom, she drove herself to my house for Thanksgiving.
  • SaveOnBrew continued to get great press
  • My niece and my best friend both graduated college. One a BA and one a Masters
  • We celebrated a calm, small Christmas and were all very thankful for health and all the personal and business milestone that the year brought us.
I am definitely ready for out with the old and in with the new.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Enjoy our E-card

Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to be a PR Guru from home

Since I only mention it all the time you know that the husband and I are running a small business from home.  Things have really been on the upswing here for us with SaveonBrew .  Recently I have moved to try to do some more PR work as well as tend to the day to day data.  When you basically have 3 people running a company while working full time jobs (mine is Maddy of course) everyone has to do a lot of everything.

I am constantly amazed at the Internet because of the ability to reach people.  In my learning how to do PR for the company I learned of HARO.  This is short for Help a Report Out.  This site places reporters of all mediums with sources for their articles.  Many times you submit a pitch, they ask for more information and the next thing you know you are in publications.

This happened to us today.  A couple of weeks ago, I found a pitch on HARO about small business owners.  I sent it to the hubby to complete and that evening the reporter send an online interview. Today we received notice that this was being published.

I would ramble on and on about other things that are happening for us, but I have a HUGE pile of data work that needs to be done.