Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bible in the car

I grew up in a very small Texas town. This was the kind of town where everyone knew you were gonna do something bad even before you did. The town was also very Southern Baptist, but they were gracious enough to allow other Christian religions in town. I remember receiving biblical gifts for graduations from the churches and such. There was always an abundance of little bibles. I have owned at least one of these my entire life it seems. It became a habit for me to put one of these bibles in the glove box of my car.

The other day Mark and I are in his car headed somewhere and I see a license plate with a bible verse reference on it and I became curious about the verse. I knew full well that unless I had placed a bible in his car he did not have one and even though I knew the punch line to story I could not help myself.

Me: Do you have a little bible in your car?

Mark: What?

Me: You know one of those mini-bibles, I like to keep one in my glove box.

Mark: Why on earth would anyone keep a bible in their car?

Me: For times like this, I might forget by the time we get home and I want to know what verse that is and figure out why they would have it on their license plate.

I did remember the verse and for those who want to know it is Rom 8:18.

Also, I do have a little bible in my car, I double checked. It is a brown one, but for some reason I thought it was green, I always remember them being green. Oh well...if you need a bible on the fly just ask me.

The week in review

Happy Saturday to everyone out there. Here are a few tidbits from the week.


In Maddy's Social Skills book we are working on polite and appropriate conversation. Since Maddy has no filter whatsoever this is a skill we really need to work on a lot. This week we had a page where you were in different situations and you had to decide on what to say and what would be the best way to start or become part of a conversation.

Me: Ok, lets read the next situation. "You are in an elevator going up to the 26th floor to meet your father at his office. It's a long ride and you find yourself staring at the woman who is in the elevator with you. Well, someone has to say something first. What might you say to pass the time?"

Maddy: What? I would not say anything, you tell me all the time not to talk to strangers!

Me: *Sigh*

Our breakfast conversation from yesterday.

Maddy: Mom when you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

Me: Well there were lots of things, but I guess I really wanted to be either a teacher or an archaeologist.

Maddy: (looking heartbroken) You did not want to be a parent??????

Me: Of course I did, I thought you meant what kind of job I wanted to have.

Maddy: I thought being a parent was a job!


I am always on the look out for new social situations for Maddy. This week there was a grand opening of a new concept Burger King. Maddy's favorite radio station was going to be at the restaurant giving away prizes and such. I thought Maddy would like to go and meet a couple of the DJ's and maybe get some sweet swag.

I also knew that there would be things that make her uncomfortable, like mascots and such. Only telling her about the "cool" things that would be there we head to check it out. The first thing she spots is the "Icee Bear". Once I convince her that the Icee Bear is not going to rush up to her and administer brain freeze we decide to check out the radio station tents.

There were 3 radio stations with little tents set up and each on had a game to play and were giving away koozies. No cool swag was anywhere! We go to the first tent which is the one for Mix 96.5, the radio station she loves. She tells the girl there how much she loves the station and how she knows all the songs and listens to it all the time. We play the game they had and then we move to the next tent.

Maddy not realizing that each tent was for a different radio station very enthusiastically tells the girl from Hot 95.7 ( a bit more Urban station than Mix) how she loves the station, they are reason we are here. The girl was very sweet and seemed quite a bit surprised at Maddy's enthusiasm for their station. Maddy just keeps going on about the station , the music, and how she listens all the time.

Maddy did get to meet one of the DJ's from Mix and Michelle Fisher was very sweet with her and talked to Maddy for a long time.

All in all it was a lot of fun and Maddy had a blast. She could not wait to tell Daddy that she had met someone on the radio!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I am gonna jump on this bandwagon and each Wednesday you will get a picture or two.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Life Lessons

The what is your favorite question story reminded me of another exchange between the two of them from a long time ago. Thankfully I still had the story saved on my computer for everyone to enjoy!

Maddy had a new boyfriend at school, Brandon. On the way home from eating dinner, after about the third time she mentioned Brandon, Mark decided to try to provide Maddy with a "life lesson". Mark asked Maddy if she knew what "less is more" meant. Now Maddy tends be literal like some of us and basically told Mark that was just silly.

So Mark, showing infinite patience says that when it comes to boys that less is more, that she should not be smothering him and monopolizing his time. To this Maddy asks why would she smother some one she liked, especially "Brandon".

I am already beside myself and trying desperately to maintain my composure in the car. Mark sighs and "god love him" tries again. Brave man that he is tries another approach. He says Maddy you know how when you put on perfume you only want to use just a little bit, that is what I mean by less is more.

Maddy beams a smile and says (completely serious, mind you) Oh I get it I need to wear perfume for Brandon! At this point I am crying I am laughing so hard and Mark is considering jumping out of the moving vehicle he is attempting to drive. But yet the brave soldier marches on. NO! he says, when you put on perfume you only want to put on a little bit because if you you put on too much you will stink. Less is more means the people get a small whiff of the perfume and it is pleasant, but not overbearing. This is what I mean about Brandon. Mark looks at me with the "I think she may have gotten in look" and then Maddy pipes in with well of course I don't want to stink why would I put on too much perfume. At this point the defeated Dad, gives up and mumbles never mind, while I am still trying to contain my hysterical laughter. Ahh..but the story continues!

The next morning after Maddy is dressed and ready for school, she gasps and announces that she will be right back. A few minutes later she is down stairs with a bottle of perfume wanting Mark to put on "just the right" amount. can't make stuff like this up! Typical life at the Davidson's....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What's your favorite question

Watching my husband and daughter interact is both a thing of beauty and a comedy. Her relationship with him is so different than the one she has with me. I savor the times I can just sit back and watch the two of them in action. They are so similar in so many ways.

This week at dinner the following exchange happened.

Maddy: Dad, what's your favorite question?

Dad: What's your favorite question?

Maddy: I asked you first.

Dad: That was my answer, that is my favorite question.

Maddy: That is not a question!

Me: Why was it a question when you asked, but not when he answered?

Maddy: Because!! (insert eye rolling at Mom)

Maddy: So Dad, what is your favorite question?

Dad: Wassup?

Maddy: What is that? That is not a question!

Dad: Sure it is.

Maddy No it is not!

Me: He is asking "What is up?"

Maddy: Oh, well that is a question.

Dad: Wassup?

Maddy: What? Oh never mind...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Having lunch out

I try to take Maddy out to eat lunch at least once a week. It is good for appropriate social interactions and discussions about what we see. One of the restaurants we like is a Japanese Steakhouse where you sit at a table with other people. I have heard some interesting conversations during these lunches.

First we have the Mother and Son that are having lunch together. She complains about everything on the menu, how they are cooking it and then decides that she just won't eat but take it all to go with her.

The other day we had the group of young business men who very much wanted to be important and to have everyone look at them. For some odd reason they decided the best way to do this was to talk about getting drunk, picking up chicks, gambling and dropping the "F-bomb" quite loudly.

Then there was the pregnant lady who really wanted to go eat pancakes and her partner thought that was too silly and no one ever eats pancakes for lunch. She only mumbled about how much better pancakes would be for half the meal.

Today we got to enjoy the two friends who decided that it was Saki Tuesday! As the Saki flowed we got to learn about what kind of lady the unmarried friend was looking for. Along with that we enjoyed a description of every female that walked through the restaurant.

I wonder if some one out there is blogging about the goofy conversations that Maddy and I have during lunch? Be careful out there...someone might be posting your lunch topics!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

When in doubt just add "un"

This morning Maddy and I were doing an antonym exercise and she was still trying to wake up a bit. As we went along and her brain started being sneaky it became quite funny.

The first few were easy enough and then the words became more difficult. The first one that tripped her up was the word "speechless". In her defense it is not very often that she has ever seen anyone in her family speechless, but she assured me that she understood what the word meant. She thought for a while and tried "speechful" on me, when I told her that was not correct she stated that the correct word was "unspeechless". She was none to happy when I told her she was still incorrect. We did manage to finally come up with the word "talkative" as the answer.

The next word was "attractive" and when I said that "unattractive" was correct she pointed out that you could use "un" to make words the opposite.

The last word was "penalty" and I could see her brain going full speed trying not to say what she really wanted. Her first try was "tardy" and she continued with words that were like penalty not the opposite. She finally could not help herself and insisted that the answer was "unpenalty". After my sigh, and her eye rolling we did manage to work to the answer of "reward".

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I have hair envy. I look at peoples hair and I covet good hair. Yes, I know I have issues. I decided a while back that I wanted to have long hair. Even though I have fine hair, I was determined to grow it long. I kept thinking, I have the time and the desire and this time longer hair will look good on me. Who knows maybe someone will covet my hair!

While I was working I could afford to have my hair done every 6 weeks and the growing long was coming along nicely. Once we decided that I would stay at home the trips to the salon became few and far between. My hair never received this memo and it continued to grow. As it grew in the wild with no hair stylist to tame it I found myself just putting it up more and more.

Several people seem to prefer long hair for just that reason, they can put it up when they want and when desired, the long locks cascade down around them in perfection. hair did not get that memo either, it has never cascaded down around me in perfection.

Now that summer is rapidly approaching the Houston area I am finding that long fine hair is a total mess when I wear it either up or down. So I have decided to try a new sassy short hairdo. Who knows maybe the next time I grow it long it will behave and cascade around me in perfection (yeah right!).

I hope everyone enjoys the sneak peek at the new me! Please don't expect me to ever get it to look this good, only Natalie can make my hair behave for a few short hours!

*Note* I did the goofy take a picture of yourself pictures, please don't be distracted by my goofiness and covet my hair if only for a mercy moment!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all the Mothers and Mommy's to be a wonderful Mother's Day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where did the day go?

Yesterday was the day to get all the stuff sitting around my computer done. That was the goal, I had one goal. Sounds simple, should be manageable and somehow I barely managed to get around to working on it. The goal is the same for today, hopefully it will go better. Shall we take a look at what I did yesterday to see why I did not manage to get this done?

After waking I brushed the teeth and hair. I took the dog outside, made coffee and got breakfast and lunch ready for the hubby. After the hubby got out the door it was around 6:20ish in the morning. I did my random Internet reading and played with the dog a bit. I headed to the kitchen to get some work done in there when I heard Peggle calling me. So I did sit and play Peggle for about 15 mins.

I get the sheets in the washing machine from the guest house and I begin to hear the stirring of the child. This means it is now 8:00 in the morning. After dragging out the laundry from the bedroom, I get sidetracked by the dog who was chewing on something. I discover that he has destroyed another limb on a dog toy, so I have to convince him to give it to me so I can do quick surgery and return the toy to him.

The child comes down the stairs in her normal cranky mood (maybe I should remind her of the days I made her get up at 7?). We determine what she wants for breakfast. I have to ask her twice to bring down her laundry so I can try to get it all done today. While she is eating I decide to finish my book since I only had one chapter left. Once she is all finished and ready to start school the time is now around 9:00.

Before we start with school I need to call the speech therapist because Maddy's speech device has arrived. We have been waiting for this about 8 months so the arrival is a big deal. Last week while we were at speech the therapist said we could zip in once it arrived to learn how to use it. (Zipping in is a 35-40 minute drive each way). It takes me three tries to get someone on the phone and I end up just talking to the therapist since the times she has free I can't make. We go over the instructions over the phone and I have now just saved just over an hour. (Will I use it wisely?)

For school right now we are doing some baseline testing so I can review what she has learned and what things are realistic to work on next year. In theory these are great days to get things done around the house ( yeah right!). I get her all settled and review the instructions. I head out to the guest house to make that bed. The dog decides I need help with this so what should take me 5 minutes takes me 15 minutes. While outside I notice roses that are ready to be cut. I inspect all my vases and decide that I need to place these in a different vase. I get the vase, gloves, scissors and I work on my roses for about 15 minutes.

I head inside ( hold that thought, the dog is pestering back in a minute or two) and remember that I have to be at Blockbuster at 10. Tuesday the new movies come out and if you want to get them on Blu-Ray you need to be there early. I head into the bedroom to make the bed and after that I see that Maddy is in the living room with the dog and not at the table where she belongs. I am informed that her I-Pod touch is not working. (When she is testing I let her listen to music.) I begin the trouble shooting process and after about 20 minutes I decide I need to just do a full restore on it. I get that process going, get the kiddo back to the table to test and decide I need to get to Blockbuster since it is now 10:15. Once there, they do not have the one movie the hubby said he wanted. I call the hubby to see if he wants anything else. The answer is no, so I head home with the two movies I rushed to Blockbuster with.

I get back home, move laundry around and get the I-pod back to the kiddo. ( Hooray, the restore worked and that saved me a trip to the Apple store at the mall.) Finally I am ready to clean the kitchen! I get going on the kitchen while she is finishing her test. I decide what I will fix for dinner and manage to get the kitchen clean. She finishes her test and wants to be done for the day. I however have other plans for her. After her homework has been assigned she decides to head upstairs and get that done. Once that is done the dryer is beeping at me so off to fold more clothes I go. It is now around 11:30ish and the kiddo and I decided to go out to eat.

While we are out we run a couple of errands. Once home I begin the restocking of the drink fridge. It is really nice to have a fridge that is just for drinks, but the restocking can be a bit of a pain. Just as I am finishing I hear grumbles of discontent from upstairs. Her stupid I-pod is acting up again. Once again I begin trouble shooting and decide to try another restore. While I am doing this I sneak in a little Internet reading. This time the restore does not work and at 1:30 in the afternoon I don't feel like heading back out and facing the mall. After assuring the kiddo that she will live until tomorrow without the I-pod I hear the dryer beeping with the last load of laundry.

Whew...all the laundry is done, the house is picked up and I can get done what I meant to get done in the morning. I head to the computer, see that it is now 2:30 and I sigh. I start to sort the papers around my computer and get a few things done. Then the hubby comes home early unexpected. I love when he comes home early so I stop what I am doing so we can do our afternoon/evening routines.

Maybe today I will get that pile of paperwork done.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Two for One

Two quick tidbits for you today.

First...I have issues!

I know not a big surprise for anyone who knows me. The other morning I found myself rearranging the items in the dishwasher because the coffee pot could not be where I like it to be every day.

Second is a Maddy story.

On Monday she and I will be picking up the in-laws from the airport. Well the hubby's car is a little bit bigger than mine so it will be more comfortable for everyone if I use his car. I was discussing this with Maddy yesterday and she informed me (in a tone that implied she was doing me a BIG favor) that she would ask Daddy if we could use his car.

I let the hubby in on this before he got home. I reminded Maddy to ask about using the car on Monday and the hubby told her that since she asked we could use his car. Afterward I tried to give her a high five and said "Girl Power". She promptly put her hand on her hip and stated that there was no girl power going on, she had done all the work.