Monday, May 31, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Angst in the park

This picture was taken today at the park. Maddy and I braved the heat to walk the dog. Towards the end of the mile walk Maddy was doing her best to portray teen angst.

Me: Wow you are truly walking teen angst. I really, really need to take your picture!

Maddy: Why do you need to take my picture?

Me: Cause I don't think you could be more "angsty"

Maddy: Ok, mom. What is angst?

Me: It is how you look and how you are walking.

Maddy: Just how is that?

Me: You look like this is the lamest place to be, doing the lamest thing ever, and you can't believe you have to be seen in public with your embarrassing mother.

Maddy: Hmm..I suppose I do look like that.

Monday, May 24, 2010

This and That

Howdy all. Things have been interesting here, but I suppose they always are. Here is a quick recap of recent events.

I had some real issues with a young man that is quite fond of Maddy. I reached the end of my patience and had his phone number blocked from both mine and her phone. That action is costing us a lovely 1o bucks a month, but I felt it necessary. I have recently given in a little and I am now unblocking the number for a few hours of the day. If things get bad again I can truly know that I have done more than enough to be fair.

My birthday party was a smashing success and everyone had a good time. Mostly I was proud to have my Mom meet all of the people I truly call my friends. There was a whole lot of love and IQ in the room that night! My mom decided to leave early Sunday morning, turns out she spent the rest of the week sick. Today the hubby stayed at home dreadfully ill. I am praying that Maddy and I dodge the sick bullet.

We are still very excited that the hubby was picked up by UTA and it looks like the last week in June he will head out to LA for a ton of meetings. I know he will knock their socks off.

Maddy did the scripture reading at church this week. She was very nervous, wanted to back out at the last minute, but did a great job. So proud of her!

I got an Iphone this week and I love it! The majority of the technology goes to Maddy and the hubby, but I decided I needed a new techo gadget. So far I love everything about it, and I don't see needing anything new for a long, long time.

Two vacations are coming up quick! In 39 days we have the whole family vacation with the hubby's side of the family. In 50 days I head to Europe with my aunt. Both vacations are going to be interesting, unique and a heck of a lot of fun.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Not you!

I got an e-mail this week from one of the ladies at church. She wanted to know if Maddy would do the bible reading for the service and luncheon this Sunday. Below is the conversation I had with Maddy.

Me: Hey Maddy do you want to do the bible reading at church on Sunday?

Maddy: Umm no..I have stage fright

Me: Well Ms .D asked if you would do the reading

Maddy: I guess I could if no one looked at me

Me: I am not sure that would work. Ms. D said it was a little long, but easy so you could do the reading with someone if that would help.

Maddy: Oh I could do that. It would be no big deal if I someone was there with me reading it. *She slowly turned towards me* Not you!

Me: Hmmm....well ok then shall we see if Ms. D will read with you?

Maddy: That sounds good, I will only do it then.

Maddy and I are now on the way to the church so she and Ms. D can practice their bible verse reading.

Monday, May 17, 2010

One mystery revealed

Today was a big day for us. Tonight the hubby was picked up by UTA in California to represent him. They are already supporting one of his scripts and they are excited to sell /promote many of his others. Looking like in a month he will head out for a week to attend meetings with big time players.

UTA is the major leagues and we can't wait for what they bring our way!!

Big things mystery post

We have a lot going on and it all kinds of directions. All of it potentially good and all of it really scary. Right now I don't feel comfortable talking about it yet, forgive me for not wanting to jinx things.

If you have a spare moment light a candle, say a prayer, cross your fingers, send good thoughts, or whatever good juju you can spare send our way!

Hopefully over the next few months I will be blogging lots about the mystery items.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Quilt

Just like a good homemade quilt this post will be made up of a little of this and that.

This morning Maddy leaves for a church retreat. She is looking forward to going and there is not drama, trauma or separation anxiety going on. At one point in my life I did not think she would ever do anything like this. Thank goodness I was wrong.

We (mostly meaning the hubby) have a lot of irons in the fire right now. We are truly on the edge of the verge of potential big changes in our life. As things become more solidified I will be posting, but until then send lots of prayers, positive thoughts our way.

Little glimpses of maturity keep showing up in regards to Maddy. She is much more comfortable with herself that her self confidence is in full swing. It is little things like at the mall she can wait for her food at the food court and then come and find me. She now goes into her own dressing room and does it all for herself. She comes and finds me to show me the clothes she likes as she tries them on. She will actually voice her opinion on what she likes or does not and she has a legitimate reason for it. This might not sound like much, but again I did not know if this level of independence would every happen.

A few things have happened this week that reminded me how much I do truly love the hubby. They were all little silly things, but still I am such a lucky person to have truly found a best friend to spend my life with.

We have a website about to go into beta, if you live in Texas and want to help us out go here.

I have actual real travel plans this summer! In 59 days I am going to Europe for 2 weeks with my aunt. I have not been to Europe since 1991. We are taking a fabulous cruise of the English Isles.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Birthday Parties

This Saturday I am going to a birthday party. The coolest part is that it is MY birthday party. It is not a "milestone" birthday or at least I don't think 43 qualifies. One of my dearest friends asked if she could give me a birthday party as her present to me. After a couple of moments I said, "Heck ya!".

It will be a very nice evening with friends. Right now it looks like about 15 people will be in attendance and some of them I don't get to see very often so I am looking forward to it. It will be nice to be surrounded by my favorite people knowing that they took time out of their schedules to be there. That is the nicest gift someone can give.

When I was growing up I remember a birthday party at the park the most. Not sure why, don't remember how old I was, but that is the one that I remember the most until now.

Maddy had two birthday parties that were big shindigs. For her second birthday we had just moved back to Houston so everyone who missed the first birthday were there to celebrate the second one with us. I think we had around 20-25 people.

My favorite birthday party we gave her was when the petting zoo came to our house. We had pony rides in the back yard and in the front yard we had ducks, deer, baby goats, a llama and other assorted animals. The llama did not like our dog and spent most of the day eating the fresh flowers the hubby had planted earlier in the day. Everyone wanted to ride the pony and Maddy kept telling everyone since it was her birthday she would get to ride the pony first. Once the pony arrived and was ready Maddy took one look at it and said "I am not riding that thing!".

Hopefully on your next birthday someone will give you a party and it will be fabulous!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I have become one of "those" people

I am not quite sure how it happened, but it did.

I now let the dog come in the car with me on short errands. He knows to head to the car when I say lets go to Block Buster. This morning I went to McDonald's and yep I ordered him a sausage biscuit. He only got the sausage, but really did I need to order him food?

On Saturday's when the hubby gets breakfast tacos Bruiser get an egg and cheese one.

How long until I am buying ice cream and eating off any chocolate so the dog can have it? For those who don't know about this family joke, my grandfather would do that for his dogs. He would also take them to town for ice cream.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Tea at Church

Maddy and I had a fabulous time at church today for a Mother's tea.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Sometimes posts on Facebook crack me up. Now that my nephew is on FB I am sure I will get lots of "gems". Youth overrules smart every day.

Every few years my in-laws pay for the entire family to go on vacation together. The last time we had a private island in the Thousand Islands. This year we will be at Lake of Ozark's and it seems that we will be close to Party Cove.

This has made the trip much more interesting for my two nephews. We were discussing the vacation via FB a few days back and it was about the amount of beer that would be consumed this year and would it be as much as we consumed on the island. If I remember correctly we (about 15 of us) managed to consume over 600 bottles of beer in a week. (If I am wrong the hubby will correct me and I will make the edit.)

During this FB conversation my nephew had to chime in on the beer drinking:

YEAH BECAUSE IM DRINKING, im 18 :> and mommy says i can drink

So many things are so wrong with this statement. I love the caps, the emoticon and the show stopper is talking about how you can drink cause Mommy said you could.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The bet

Maddy spent the night at her grandparents last night. Every time she is there her and her Grandmother play Go Fish for money and Maddy always wins.

Today she informed me that she had made a bet with her young man friend at church as well. They bet .35 cents and a hug that Maddy would win at Go Fish.

I have been informed under no circumstances are we to miss church on Sunday because she has to collect her bet winnings!

Spring cleaning

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What a weekend!

This weekend I was able to be both sinner and saint and it was amazing!

On Saturday I went to a good friends house, met up with more friends and we spent the day on the lake in Austin. Of course we started with a healthy lunch as you can see below!

After lunch we had to prepare our margaritas for the lake. We hoped we would have enough! Thank goodness the cooler was filled with Vanilla Vodka, Red bull, Fuse, and of course beer. We also had whiskey to keep us warm in the cold, cold water.

We hit the lake about 1:30ish and had a ton of laughs, rest, relaxation and maybe quite a few drinks! I had no idea how much I needed a day of silliness and fun!

When I returned home on Sunday (nope no hangover or sunburn!!) I had to head to the in-laws for a little while then off to church.

One of my bestest friends and I made an English High Tea basket for the youth group silent auction. Included in the basket was a certificate for she and I to go to the winners house and serve them a proper English High Tea.

We were very excited to see the interest that was generated by our basket. We are now thinking of offering either a high tea or a Russian brunch once a month to help us both generate some income. The best part was we know that we raised at least $100.00 for the church youth group!

Even though the weekend left me exhausted it was great.