Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dancing with the Stars

I have not watched the last show this season, but I am about to find out who won. There seemed to be quite a bit of hubbub regarding Bristol Palin this season.

You know life is pretty good when you actually have time to ponder this. First I think their use of the word "Star" is not the same way I would use it. In my definition of the word most of the people they have would not be on if I were running the show. They however decided that Bristol was a "star" worthy of the show.

Should she be in the finals? I guess so..she has improved every week. Is it really fair to compare her to those who came to the show already knowing how to dance? Did I want Brandy in the finals, yep. Did I want Rick and Cheryl in the finals? Oh yeah, have you seen all of Cheryl's great free style dances. But did I every pick up the phone to vote? Nope, so do I get to complain? Nope.

The one constant in Dancing with the Stars is Derek Hough. I am not typically one for a California blonde, but wow, every time he steps on the dance floor....

So no matter who won, I leave you with this little tibit!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Flurry begins

Today is our first official holiday event. I have to take Maddy to a Thanksgiving lunch event that she was invited to by the boyfriend. We already have 4 events on the calendar for December and that does not include the traditional family events that will be occurring.

It is fantastic that the calendar is packed with events for Maddy to be attending. This is everything we hoped for when we decided I would stay at home full time. We knew that she would be able to have a social life and a better education at home than in the public school system. We are so thankful that we are able to provide this for her.

In the past year she has matured so much, is doing so many more life skill type activities on her own and has true friends and a very nice boyfriend.

This holiday season will be special because of all the places I get to see Maddy have true joy in her eyes and in her laughter.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Learning to behave

Yesterday Maddy and I were out and about and decided to pick up some lunch to bring home. Maddy told me she would pay for lunch. She did not want to go inside so she handed me her wallet to pay for lunch. The wallet is covered with cut out and taped on pictures of Justin Bieber.

Maddy: Ok Mom, if they ask why you have pictures of Justin...

Me: I am gonna say "He is SO dreamy"

Maddy: NO, really Mom, let me finish. If they ask why you have pictures of Justin all over the wallet just explain that it is your daughters wallet.

Me: No way, I am gonna make googly eyes and say he is dreamy

Maddy: MOM! I am serious, that would just be weird. Explain the wallet is mine.

Me: Ok, so I am gonna go inside and if they ask me (insert very stern look from Maddy) I am gonna explain that my very sweet daughter offered to buy me lunch and this is her wallet.

Maddy: Wow, Mom, that was really good, better than I expected.

I go inside, buy lunch, do not get asked about the wallet. As soon as I am back in the car...

Maddy: Where is my change? Did they ask about the wallet?

I gave her the change, explained there were no questions about the wallet. One day I might grow up and behave so I won't have to be told what to do when I buy lunch!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We watch a lot of movies. We watch them for fun, we watch them for the husband's script writing business. We watch them because the husband, knows someone who produced it, the studio, or some other random connection.

There are a whole lot of really bad movies out there. I think recently we have seen them all. One of the things I am so proud of the husband for is that he puts his words into action. Everyone at one point in time has said that they could write something better than the drivel at the movie theaters. The husband now has several scripts written, a couple of trips out to LA, and doors are starting to open.

This is a full time job and it requires an amazing amount of patience. It is interesting to me how I watch movies differently now that I live with a writer. I was able to watch a movie from a completely new perspective in October.

The husband was hired a few years ago to do a re-write of a movie script. It was called a page on re-write and he worked hard on this. Many hours, many phone calls and many ideas where exchanged. For a while we thought we would be able to go and see the movie filmed in Panama, but due to passport issues he was unable to.

It was interesting to watch the movie knowing that the husband was the writer for the script. It was fun to watch and know some of the players in the movie and some of the inside stories about the filming of the movie.

The movie is now at Red Box if you want to rent it. It won't be the best movie you will see this year, but you can say you know who wrote it. I can assure it you will be better than Human Centipede, Frozen, and Air Bender.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Things I ponder

Hello there blog, nice to see you are still here. Lately I have been pondering blog writing, why people do it,why I read the blogs I read, and why I write a blog. However, I suppose since I have not written much I have pondered when I don't write as well.

Mostly I don't write because I don't put the butt in the chair and the fingers to the keyboard. Lately I seem to feel that I need to have a story to tell or something cute to say. When I get busy with life I feel like I have nothing to say so I don't.

I am going to try to write every morning before I get the day going and see what happens. Who knows what sort of rambling I will come up with. I sort of have an idea for tomorrow morning but for now here are things that make me ponder.

* Am I the only one in the world who uses a dust buster and lint brush on my comforter to get dog hair off it?

*Who decided it was a good idea to hire people to hold up a sign for their business or twirl the sign around? Was there a survey and people consistently said that they would not be tempted to visit places unless they were entertained at a stop light by a "sign show"?

*How could the Texans lose this weekend. I mean really? I could have made that last play and not lost!!

*Why are their already houses with full Christmas lights and decorations? I LOVE Christmas but their are rules that must be followed or it becomes Christmas chaos!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life with Seizures

I find myself making little adjustments to my daily routine. I know the reason why, but it is interesting to see how the routine changes because of Maddy's seizures. Lately the seizure activity has occurred after a shower and I now find myself either showering first, or waiting about 20 minutes after she is out before I will take mine. Time goes by much slower now after she showers and I find myself being thankful each minute that goes by seizure free.

Looking for patterns has been a constant for us since the seizure activity first began. When she has a seizure the first questions are:

Was it the same time of day? Same weather?
Did the seizure last the same amount of time?
Was the seizure the same as the last one or different? How was it different?
How long has it been since the last seizure. Are we entering a consistent seizure cycle?
Did she do anything unusual? Was she extremely tired, upset or excited?
Could I have noticed something and I didn't?

I have to make sure and take a step back sometimes because if I don't then I can become to afraid to let her do anything. That is not fair to any of us. Even though it is very difficult we let Maddy stay at home if she wants when we zip out to dinner or run a few errands. We are never very far from home, but it always lingers in the back of our minds.

Until there is a permanent cure for fix for her seizures we will continue to adjust our lives to allow her the most independent life she can have.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bieber Fever

Tonight I enter the land of screaming pre-teen girls. Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I think...

Yesterday while in the car Maddy had this conversation at me and with herself.

I like Avril Lavigne because she is cool. Do you know why she is cool? Because she does what she wants, she dresses like she wants and she does not care what other people think. She does her own thing and that is cool. That is why she is so cool and why I like her so much. Yeah it is cool to be able to do your own thing and not worry about other people.

I think??

She was so forceful in saying the first stuff and then I could see her processing everything she had just said. I found it interesting that she decided to end on a less powerful note.