Sunday, December 19, 2010

Since my last post

I managed to post a picture for Thanksgiving. Since then I have done the following things in kinda this particular order.

  • Took Maddy to a Christmas Party at church
  • Decorated the house for Christmas (tree can be seen in pictures below)
  • Seen the neurologist to up her medication a bit to try to avoid another big, bad seizure
  • Took Maddy to the Candy Cane Ball

  • Attended a Christmas party that has been held every year for the past 33 years. People that we call family by choice.
  • Wrapped what seems like 100 Christmas presents
  • Took Maddy on a Christmas date with the boyfriend

  • Dropped my retainer, finally found it and went to the orthodontist
  • Worked, worked and then worked some more to finally help get our website national. Check out if you have a zip code we can help you find beer on sale!
  • Took the dog to see Santa

  • Attempted to clean the house, feed the family and get some sleep once in a while