Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Conversations

The other day in a store between a Mom and her young son.

Mom: Honey I said don't touch anything

Son: But..MooooM

Mom: Honey you know you should not touch things when we are out shopping

Son: But Mom, that is not fair, you get to touch stuff!

Last night after dinner

Maddy: Hey Mom

Me: Hey

Maddy: Can I have an ice cream bar? I already have one out...

Me: Ummm sure go ahead


Me: Wow their has been a lot going on with people around us

Mark: Yep

Me: I sure am glad we are dull

Mark: *crickets chirping*

Me: Ok, Ok..I am the dull one

Mark: Yep, I am just low key


Monday, June 29, 2009


This summer I have traveled more away from the kiddo and the hubby than well since forever. I enjoyed the time with the hubby in April and I had a great time with Mom last week. But I am so glad to be home, back in the routine. These trips have given me a chance to reflect on just how very blessed and lucky I am.

I like getting up in the morning and helping Mark get out the door in an efficient manner. Yes I know he is perfectly capable of leaving the house on his own. I enjoy those few minutes working as a team and giving him a kiss as he heads to work.

The morning quiet after he is gone and before Maddy wakes is my favorite part of the day. I get things going such as laundry, make my list for the day and of course play with the dog. I take time to drink coffee and do all the silly internet things I like to do.

Once Maddy is up and about we begin the whirlwind that is our day. A typical week will include speech therapy, running errands, food shopping, going to the mall, working out, watching t.v. and playing video games. Throughout the week I am always looking for the "teachable" moments with her. The t.v. time and the video game times are all about socials skills, predicting outcomes, O.T. and appropriate behaviors and actions.

Once Mark is home from work we have dinner and settle in for our usual night time routine which will includes watching movies, listening to Mark on the phone about one of his many scripts and hearing him type for hours while he improves what he has previously written or creates something new.

In some ways every day is a vacation for me since I don't think of it as work. Remind me of these words in a couple of weeks!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


When Maddy was a very little girl she was so wonderful at bedtime. We said time to go to bed and off she went. We went in gave her a kiss and she was off to a good nights sleep. When she was a bit older and the seizures started she ended up in our bed. At first it was for my piece of mind and then we began the long battle to get her back in her room. Several years passed with all sorts of sleep accommodations, concessions and compromises until she was finally back in her room sleeping on her own.

Mark and I are fond of an early bedtime, while Maddy prefers to stay up late. When we can we let her stay up later than we do. This gives her some independence and time truly to herself. When she does not feel well or has just had a seizure I will still lay in bed with her once in a while. Maddy loves when we travel because she and I have to share a bed. Even at 15 she loves for me to sleep with her.

Over the past few weeks her sleeping patterns have shifted and she has been wanting me in bed with her more and more. We are seeing her neurologist today for the yearly check up and a few other things. I am not sure if her body is changing again and that is why she feels she needs me near or if it is because I am about to be away from her again.

This year will definitely be the most time I have been away from her in several years. She might get mad at me 1000 times a day , but she has such a strong bond to me because of all we have been through it is hard on her for us to be apart. I encourage her independence but at the same time I worry about her almost constantly. She often tells me I worry to much, but I worry about everything. My thinking is that most people don't worry enough so I need to worry a little extra to make up the difference.

Last night as she is asking me to lay with her until she fell asleep I made a decision. I know she is 15, I know she needs to be independent, but I also never want to look back and think that I should have laid with her just that one more time.

Hopefully soon she will be back to Miss Independent, but until then I will enjoy this time of being needed.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Reunion and Back to Vegas

Next week is my family reunion. I will leave for the hill country on Thursday and then make a mad dash back to Houston on Saturday because Mom and I are leaving for Vegas on Sunday. For those of you paying attention, yes I went to Vegas in April.

Every year around Father's day weekend we have our family reunion in the Hill Country. For the majority of people in attendance this is the only time I get to see them. I always look forward to going and keeping that sense of family. We come from all walks of life, have different views on the world, but we are all family. It is nice to know that for one weekend a year we can stop what we are doing and take the time to come together. Sometimes I think I might take a year off, but when it comes closer to the reunion I just can't. I want to see everyone, hear about their year and know that I will see them again next year. (Jana, I still need to get with you about coming to visit!!)

My Mom and I have not taken a trip together in several years and so when we did not know what to do for each other for Mother's day and my birthday we decided to head to Vegas. Mom has not been in a LONG time and I am very happy to go back again. So we harnessed the power of the Internet, found some good deals and we fly out next Sunday.

Next week is very busy with doctor/dentist appointments, being out of town and going to Vegas. I will try to post at least on Wednesday, but not sure if I will be able to do much more than that.

Have a great week!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I have always been the parent that really puts Maddy out there. I tend to be a bit more aggressive in having her try and do things that involve being outside the house. One of the things I have been leaning towards is Maddy getting a part-time job. We have to be careful about how much money she can make due to Federal assistance programs, but a part-time job at minimum wage will not be an issue. I feel that a job will give her exposure to people, situations and problem solving situations that Mark and I can not provide.

It has been my thought that she would work at Randall's or Kroger. They historically are very good with special needs kiddos. Maddy has been pretty neutral on the subject. She turns 16 in October so I have just been bringing it up once in a while to see how possible this might be.

Yesterday Maddy and I were at the mall doing our usual thing. We had just finished playing with the puppies at the pet store and headed to Hot Topic which is Maddy's favorite store in the mall. For those of you who are not familiar with Hot Topic it is one of those stores were people buy they things we old people say "where on earth could you buy something like that". All the workers in the store are very helpful and friendly, however I think it is a hidden requirement to have piercings and tattoos to work there.

In addition to the crazy clothes, they do have some cute clothes and a great selection of t-shirts. I usually look at the sale racks while Maddy looks at the Twilight stuff. They have a huge Twilight selection and now a lot of New Moon stuff. Maddy owns so much Twilight stuff that I refuse to buy any more for her. (She says Papa Ken I love you lots and I just finished my Christmas gift cards! ) If you are around Maddy for more than 10 minutes you will have enough Twilight trivia to win any contest.

Yesterday as we were checking out Maddy and the store manager started talking about all things Twilight. About halfway into the conversation Maddy decided that she needs to work at Hot Topic. She started asking about how old do you have to be, what could they find for her to do. The manager was very sweet and told her to fill out an application when she was 16.

The rest of the afternoon Maddy was making plans for how this was gonna work. She informed me that I could take her to work, go play with the puppies and then hang out in the boring cooking store (Williams Sonoma) until her shift was over. She then informed me that I would be allowed to look around Hot Topic but I was not to bother her because she would be helping customers. I could quietly tell her hello, but I could not interrupt her and start a conversation.

She then decided that she needed to work on her handwriting so that her co-workers could read what she writes and she wants to do some practice applications so that she will be all ready in October.

Who knows what will happen in October, but I know I will take advantage of this new desire to work on handwriting and job skills!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Playing video games

This might be a shock for some people, but video games have changed just a bit from when I was a kid. Growing up I played my share of video games, but they were something to do in that little bit of spare time you had or to kill time on a rainy day. The graphics weren't great, but it was cool, neat and hip to play video games.

Video games now seem to the past time of choice for most kids instead of that thing to do when there was nothing else to do. As a parent in a house where electronics are a high priority we try to find games for Maddy that will help her grow and develop. Her favorite game is the Sims, it is a great social simulator but she does not have to interact with others. The other games she likes to play are games where she can win easily. She needs a game to challenge her and teach her new skills.

There are an amazing amount of video games online where you can interact with other people, but we don't want to let our very naive fifteen year old loose on the internet. This summer we decided to spend the money to let her play a computer game with me. I have for the past 5ish years spend too many hours to count playing World of Warcraft.

So far it is going well and she knows we have to get everything done on our list for the day before we can play together. I have some friends in the game who also play with us and they are so sweet and patient with her. She thinks it is really cool that other people come and play with us. So far in playing this game with me she has had to read, follow instructions, do basic math and operation functions on a keyboard and mouse. Soon as we continue our travels in the game she will have to learn how to logically solve problems in various situations.

Yesterday we were playing a bit with a friend of mine and she wanted to type in party chat to him. I was so excited to watch her learn how to do emotes and type to a friend in chat. This adds in typing and more reading skills.

I will leave you with a look at how video games look these days. This is one of my characters in the game. Once we have Maddy in cool gear we will post some pictures of her character.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009