Sunday, July 24, 2011

Swim Tournament

Maddy had such a good time with track we decided to try swimming.  This weekend she had her first tournament in Palestine.  It was a small tournament and was great competition practice for her.  She had a whole lot of fun and received a medal in every event she competed.  She did a relay event, 50 meter free style, 25 meter free style and the 25 meter back stroke. 

The next tournament is in September and I know with more practice she has a chance at some gold.

First Silver for the Relay

 Waiting for the 50 meter freestyle

Three silvers and one event to go

End of the day, big smile and 4 medals

25 meter backstroke

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weird and Wonderful

Video is a bit weird for me but the song is wonderful.

On a side note my Aunt Nola would have loved this song. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Treading water

I consider treading water a major upgrade right now.  For the past few weeks I felt like I was drowning in the sea of things I thought I had to so.  Thanks to a great spouse and a few days rest I am doing much better.  Following is a random update on all the things going on right now.

Our website is coming along nicely.  We have made some changes in roles, responsibilities and may have a new partner in the business soon.  Everyone involved has a long list of task, but every day our data gets better, out plan of action gets better and I truly believe we will all reap the rewards soon.

Mark and I are currently in the process of retaining guardianship of Maddy when she turns 18 in October.  For something that is the right thing to do and should be a simple process, it is actually quite complex.  We had to hire a lawyer, Maddy must have specific testing done, she must be served to show up in court.  The court and her court appointed attorney will have to make visits to our house.  We are on track to have everything ready so that once she turns 18 we should be in court the next week to become her guardians.  They require that we "bond" even though I can't believe either one of us would be a flight risk.  Once it is done we will have to register every year and keep the guardianship current so we don't have to go back to court again.  It is hard work raising a kid and keeping them safe!

My Mom is on the long road to recovery.  She is in her hometown at a rehab kinda place and is starting to get some good therapy and we can honestly say she is making progress daily now.  She still needs lots of assistance with everything, but can begin to see the ability to do a few things by her self in the next week or so.  This week we will begin to look into Home Healthcare to have that all lined up for when she and the facility where she is staying both believe she is ready to transition to home.  I hope that for Thanksgiving she will be back to her sassy self!

Maddy is on the Special Olympics swim team this year so every Sunday afternoon is busy with swim practice.  Since I have her on the team that she knows people from church and other activities the practice facility is about 40 minutes from the house.  She is enjoying the team so far, but is getting a bit nervous about the first meet that will be on July 23rd.  Hopefully she will have a good time at the swim meet and bring home the gold!