Friday, April 29, 2011

Still around

Just a quick update. We are still alive and kicking. However it is the to-do list that is doing the kicking. Kicking my arse.

We are good, Maddy is almost done with bible study and will be baptized and confirmed soon. In June she will start up Special Olympics swimming. We volunteered for the Special Olympic fundraiser golf tournament. Thanks to Tommy Bahamas and the Houston Astros for putting on a great event for the kiddos.

Rumor has it that there is an important wedding today. My anniversary is not till August so I guess someone got the dates mixed up!

Happy weekend all and I promise to update more often.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Friday, April 15, 2011

When you start to see hard work pay off

I might have mentioned once or 10 times that the hubby and I have a business or two.  The main reason for us to think outside of the box is that we want to make sure that Maddy is well cared for once we are gone.  We need to know that she will have the money that she needs to be safe and loved her entire life.

The hubby works a full time job that pays the bills and gives me the ability to stay at home full time.  We are thankful every day for this, but it is not enough for the future.  The screen writing business is going well, but is most days an exercise in frustration for him.   When the idea came about to try to wrangle all the beer data on the web to create a cheap beer website we sat down, thought it through and moved forward.

Partners were secured, and the work began.  Thousands of dollars and hours were spend to figure out how it could work, how could it be user friendly and how it could be marketed.  Once we did solve the data puzzle then we had to set about gathering the information and decided how it could be entered into a website formula.  Then the beers had to be added and let me tell you there is a heck of a lot of beer out there.

Daily we work on the site, improve it, market it, work on advertisers and potential partners.  This morning we were mentioned in Technorati.  It is nice to see we are picking up a little buzz on the internet.

If you ever hear anyone say, wow those Save on Brew people are so lucky, what a great idea, I should have thought of that.  Smile and know that like most "overnight" successes we worked our butts off for a few years!

Monday, April 11, 2011

From Track to Prom all in one day

Saturday was a very busy day in my house.  Maddy and I were out the door at 7:00 to head out of town for her Spring Games track meet.  It was hot and very windy where we were.  They finally advised everyone to remove their tents for shade as the wind was to strong and the tents were becoming a hazard.  So we both got to enjoy a little bit of wind and sun burn from the day.

Maddy's first event was the 100 meter run and she placed second.  During the parade and opening ceremonies one of the girls on the Woodlands Shooting Stars received the female athlete of the year award.  In the afternoon Maddy had the softball throw.  She placed 4th and considering she was hot, tired, wanted to go home and get ready for the prom, and throwing into 30ish mph winds, that was not a bad attempt. 

Ready to run

Medal Ceremony from 100 meter dash

Before the Parade and Opening Ceremonies

Track award ceremony

We finished up at the track meet and rushed back home to get ready for Prom.  We were very quick and successful and got her ready in 45 minutes.  The hubby took pictures of Maddy and then we were off to the boyfriend's house.  We took pictures there and then they were off to An Enchanted Evening.  They had a Cinderella style horse drawn carriage for all the kids to take a ride in.  Maddy was brought home around 10:00. 

Maddy and the Boyfriend!

The day was hectic but it was a great day for her!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back and running at full speed

We had a lovely time in Vegas and did more than our fair share of helping their economy. We stayed at the Palazzo and due to an issue with our room we upgraded to a suite on the 47th floor. It was fun to see how the fancy people travel. There was even an elliptical machine with its own little workout room in the suite. The view from the room was just amazing!

The hotel itself was just as impressive as the other hotels in Vegas.

There was a nice mix of "me" time while Mark was doing his work thing and a whole lot of "we" time.  Things went great here at the house while we were gone and I came home to a girl all ready for the prom.  Her and my Mom took care of all the necessities and she is ready for Saturday.

Saturday will be a whirlwind since she has an out of town track meet in the morning and then prom that evening.  I will do my best to update with track and prom photos on Sunday or Monday.