Thursday, January 27, 2011

Decisions Decisions

Maddy came downstairs the other day so very excited.  She could not wait to show me the very in depth 4 question quiz she took from one of her many teen magazines.  Within 4 questions they had determined that she was the perfect girl for Justin Bieber.

Maddy took her time to walk me through each question, how she answered, why she answered that way and with each step she assured me that she had not peeked at the bottom to find how to get the answer she wanted. After we finished the 4 questions, amazingly enough, right there in print it stated she was perfect for Justin Bieber and should be the one he marries.

With her goal firmly in mind to get a marriage proposal she informed me that we just needed to find a way to get her close to Justin and it would be a done deal. She pondered out loud how she could get him to notice her. She wondered how long it would take for him to propose. She knew it would be difficult because of all those other silly girls thinking they were the one for him.  Too bad they had not taken this quiz then they would know Maddy was the one.  After a few minutes we decided it might be better to attack this problem the next time he would be in town. 

Once the joy of envisioning this marriage proposal was over reality hit.  Oh my!  "Mom what should I tell the BF?"  He would be crushed if I left him to marry Justin!  Should I tell him this?  He is such a good BF, I don't want to hurt his feelings.

Thank goodness after after a few minutes of how great the BF is we decided to keep the Justin marriage proposal a secret and worry about the BF after she was engaged to Justin.  This way she could have both her men.  She swore me to secrecy and then went upstairs to tell her Grandmom all about it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Excuses and Bad Habits

Excuses and bad habits suck.  I have both of them haunting me right now and I don't like it because I only have myself to blame.  Won't someone step up and take the blame for me?? 

I have stopped exercising and fallen back into trying to hoard "me" time.  I think it started when the work on the website kicked into full swing here at the house. (Shameless plug #99: Check out When I started having to "work" again I fell back into habits I had when I used to work outside the house. 

My sense of balance became all askew and I focused so hard on getting the projects and tasks done I let everything else fly out the window.  The good news is that I did not put on any weight, however I did not lose any weight either. 

I now have a better sense of balance of what needs to be done, when to do it, I have the house back in shape and refuse to have excuses to keep me from exercising.  I am glad I am aware of the bad habit, but I wish I had not let it sneak up on me.

Enough with the whining and moaning and off to exercise for an hour!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Date Night

Last night Maddy went out on her first real date.  She has been out with the boyfriend before, but I was always there and it was always for just an hour or so.  For Christmas the BF received tickets to Monster Jam and an extra one to take whoever he wanted.  Big surprise he wanted Maddy to go with him.  For those who don't know what Monster Jam is, it is not a rock concert, it is a Monster Truck Rally.  My pop music, celebrity watching, girl was headed straight into the mouth of madness know as Man/Boy world!

I had the normal worries that any parent will have when your child is spending the evening with other people.  Maddy might be 17 but she still has no filter and will pretty much say what she thinks.  Most of the time it is sweet and endearing, but other times, oh my.  I worried about the crowds as Maddy has no sense of direction and I hoped that the noise would not be too much for her.  My biggest fear is the fear I always have when I am not near her, and that is the fear of a seizure.   I am happy to report that Maddy was polite, did not get lost and no seizures.

The BF and his Dad picked Maddy up at 5 and off to the event they went.  It was an interesting feeling as they drove off, it was mixed with happiness for her and anxiety for me.  It makes me so happy to see Maddy being able to do something like this.  Anytime she gets to do "normal" type things I think about how much it means to me when everyone else takes things like this for granted.  

Even though most Saturday nights she is squirreled away in her room on the phone while listening to music and watching TV at the same time, the house felt empty without her.  We were not sure when she would get home, but the best guess was around 10:30.  Of course I started the clock watching at 10:00. She arrived home just after 10 so I did not have to stare at the clock too much.

Her first comments on the evening were that is was okay and the noise was not bad since the BF brought along the headphones they use when shooting guns.  She told me proudly that she did not complain at all!  I had spent some time with her earlier in the week showing her clips on You Tube so she would know some of the names of the trucks and what to expect.  I was informed that she did see both Gravedigger and Monster Mutt.  Her favorite part of the evening was the motorcycle exhibition. It will be interesting to hear as the week goes on what she tells people about Monster Jam.

When I asked would she go again she gave me a huge smile and said you bet I would!  I have a funny feeling that Mark and I are going to have more free evenings in our future.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This is a TJiller

This is a TJiller with fancy beer in it

The reason I have Tjiller in my house is because of a blog the Hubby wrote for our SaveonBrew website.

To learn more about the amazing Tjiller simply read this:

Tjiller -- from the people that brought you Bkt!

While you are there, check out the site and who knows maybe we will save you some money on beer as well.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What we do for love

Today I am going to to do something I really, really, really don't want to do.  But for Maddy, I will.

She and BF have not seen each other in 3 weeks.  He was out of town hunting (rumor has it I might score some deer meat today!!) and then he had to go to the wedding.  Typically they see each other once a week and of course they talk on the phone every day.  When you are that age 3 weeks seems like 3 years. 

About week 1.5 into their being apart they started in on spending time after church today.  What they really wanted to have happen was for the BF to come home with us and go to the in laws.  (We pretty much spend every Sunday afternoon with the in-laws.)  However, the BF has Special Olympics basketball practice today so that was not an option.

I really despise going to a mall on the weekend.  Why should I ever go on a Saturday or a Sunday when I can go on a Tuesday when it is nice and quiet.  Because I know how much they want to see each other and how much they want to hold hands.  (We are mean parents and we don't let them hold hands in church.)  I told them both I would take them to the mall today.

So after church I get to go eat at the mall food court , then walk either in front of or behind two teenagers and try my best to not embarrass them.  Thank goodness the BF has to be home at a certain time before practice or I think they would have me there all day.

Next week is the big date..I am still not sure I am ready for it, but oh well.  More information on that coming soon...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Milestones and Freedoms

Did you hear that?  If so don't be alarmed it was merely me doing the happy song and dance. It was a bit like this:

This weekend I finished a HUGE project that will add over 3000 stores to our database.  I have a few other projects, but none as big as this one was.

In addition Maddy has taken full ownership of her laundry and all that entails.  This is one more thing off my plate.  She is also have much better success at making her own sandwiches.

If things continue at this rate I just might be able to lay on the couch, watch TV and eat bon-bons all day.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Last night I went upstairs to tell Maddy goodnight and when she heard my footsteps she tells the boyfriend, "Hold on, here comes my Mom".

When I got into her room I asked what they had been talking about.  This request is received with  an annoying look, eye roll and a sigh. "I was telling him about how clean I keep my room and all the house work I know how to do."

Uh-huh I say and tell her goodnight.

I walk out of her room and pause to wait for the conversation to start up again. 

"Ok, my mom is gone, where were we?"  "That's right, so I know how to mop the floor, I can dust and I also am in charge of keeping the kitchen counters clean."

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The most interesting wedding I did not attend

The boyfriend attended a wedding of a cousin this weekend.  It has been a most interesting experience for me through all the accounts of the event through Maddy.  I must say before you read any further, all information has been passed to me via Maddy and what she has heard from the boyfriend. 

A few months ago:

Maddy: "The Boyfriend" has to attend his cousin's wedding in Jan.  He gets to be an usher.
Me: Cool

In December:

Maddy: Don't forget that "The Boyfriend" won't be at church that one Sunday in January because his cousin is getting married and they have to go out of town.
Me: OK

A few weeks later, and pretty much at least once a week a reference is made to the wedding.

This Friday:

Maddy: Wow, the wedding is tomorrow, big day, did you know that the wedding is tomorrow?
Me: No way!!  So is "The Boyfriend" excited about getting married?
Maddy: NO MOM!!  He is not getting married his cousin is.
Me: Oh, ok, guess I was confused

Saturday Morning:

Maddy: Oh no Mom!  The wedding might not happen. 
Me: What??
Maddy: His cousin is throwing up.
Me: Are they sick or just nervous?
Maddy: I don't know just know he is puking.

Saturday Late Afternoon:

Maddy: MOM!!!
Me: What????
Maddy: Oh NO!  Do you want the good news or the bad news first?
Me: The bad news
Maddy: "The Boyfriend" got hurt so bad he saw the light!!
Me:  What???  What happened and why did he see the light?
Maddy: He fell down and he has a black eye and all kinds of cuts and bruises.
Me: Well, what is the good news?
Maddy: We think he will be ok and I think his cousin did get married.

Saturday Late Evening:

Me: So what happened to "The Boyfriend"?  How did he fall, where did he fall?
Maddy: I don't know, but he fell so hard he passed out.
Me: Did he have to go to the hospital?
Maddy: No, there was a Dr. there
Me: So did he fall before the wedding, during the wedding or at the reception?
Maddy: I don't know, but he is still bleeding!!
Me: Well did his cousin get married?
Maddy: I don't know
Me: Wow this sounds like quite the wedding

Saturday Night before I go to bed:
Maddy is on the phone with "The Boyfriend" so she puts him on speaker phone

Me: How are you feeling?
BF: Ok, I guess, did you hear I fell down?
Me: I sure did.
BF: Yeah, I have a black eye, and my hands are all bleeding and scratched up and I broke my glasses.
Me: OUCH!  I am glad you are ok.

Sunday Morning:

Maddy: Mom, I am really worried about "The Boyfriend" is still bleeding from the cut on his hand, I think he has lost a LOT of blood.
Me:  I am sure he will be fine, his family loves him and will make sure he gets the care he needs.
Maddy: Ok, I guess you are right.
Me: So did you ever find out how he fell, and how was the wedding?
Maddy: I don't know, but he still has a black eye!

I am most interested to hear an adult version of the events.  This was quite the wedding!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

No, I can do it

We have been working on Maddy doing things for herself and taking initiative. Last night Mark and I were watching a movie and Maddy came in the room. She stated that she was hungry and was going to make herself a sandwich. We both asked her if she needed help and she stated that she could do it herself.

A couple of minutes later she returns to the room with the meat saying she just needed help opening the container. I opened it and asked if she needed help. "No, MOM I can do it myself".

A couple of minutes later she returns to the room with the bread needing help with the twist tie. I open the bread for her and ask if she needs help. "MOM, I already said I don't need help".

A couple of minutes later she returns to the room with the cheese because she could not get the package open. I begin to laugh so hard she won't even acknowledge my presence in the room. Mark gets up and helps her finish making the sandwich.

I guess once I can find Maddy friendly containers she might not need a little help with making sandwiches. Until then I guess we will have more "No, I can do it" moments.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last years goals, how did I do?

These are the goals I set for myself last January, I wonder how I did..

1. I am going to lose 24 pounds this year. That is 2 pounds a month and if I don't do it then shame on me for being lazy. Hmm..I guess I am partially lazy, I am still hovering at about 10 pounds down and just myself to blame.

2. By the end of the year I want Maddy to cut her own food 75% of the time. It will be so nice to go out to eat and be able to eat my food when it arrives, not after I have taken care of Maddy. Maddy is doing a lot better with cutting food, she is also doing her own laundry, cleaning her room (real cleaning), and a ton of other things. Great year for her!

3. I will have more patience with Maddy. I have already improved on this and now I need to take it to the next level. There needs to be a lot more of me watching and guiding and letting things take 5 times longer than if I had done it. She will never master anything if I keep doing it for her. Better than before, can still improve on this.

4. I am going to actually follow up and visit people when I say I will. The past year has brought me new friends and lots of good times with them. I need to do that with all my friends. Did great at the beginning of the year, but then we started another business and that became a time vampire. Hopefully soon I can work on this again.

5. I am going to try to be a better person and not fall to the temptation to speak negatively about people. Instead I will find something good to say or offer help for the situation. Good Lord, I love me some gossip! Doing better, but still need to make sure my words are positive ones, not negative ones.

6. This year the blog will have more of my personality to it. I am going to write what I think and not worry about who is reading it. I would also like to get to 20 followers this year. So I better write some darn funny/thought provoking posts! I still fall into the post a lot and then disappear. I suppose consistency should come first.

7. I will get the things on my list done that have been there for a long time. The Letter of Intent will be done, the complete clean out of the file cabinet will get done and the organization and certificates for all our art will be done. The photo/serial number inventory will get done. Letter of Intent is done, the store room at one point in time was clean, my to-do list has taken a life of its own!

8. I will cook more and add more variety to our dinner menus. Mostly I will add more vegetables and find a way to have Maddy be a part of the dinner making process. (This goes along with items number 2 and 3.) We are eating pretty darn good around here, however I do need to get Maddy more involved.

9. I will finish the dog training I have talked about and wanted to do. Bruiser is very smart and we need to put his energy and little brain to work! Pretty much all we did with Bruiser this year was walk him and love the beejeebus out of him.

10. I will live, love and laugh every day and count my blessings. I will not worry about the things I can not change, but concentrate on the people and situations I can impact. Did a pretty darn good job of this one.

Looking forward to an awesome 2011 and hope that when I do a year in review this time next year it will be amazing!