Monday, August 31, 2009


We all see things differently and today was no exception. We have had a lot of work done at the house over the past 4 days. A new floor was put in and involved lots of sawing and dust every freaking where! Mark and I both told Maddy that this week would be cleaning intensive to prepare her for the tasks that would be asked of her.

This is how I saw today happen.

Maddy got up, was sweet and wonderful. Once she was up and about she did mention that she was "girl time" of the month. She had breakfast and then I asked her to clean. I gave her about 5 choices and she chose to clean the blinds. After that I asked her to run a dry mop over the new floor to pick up dust. She did this a couple of times and then when I asked her to do it again she informed me that she had enough of cleaning. No can do some school work while I continue to clean. OMG!! I had the nerve to ask her to work on her cursive writing. She had a complete fit and melt down. Refused to work, hated everything..yada, yada ,yada. I showed no reaction and she finally decided to do the work. She complained through 3 sets of school work while I continued to clean the house. After she finished the work I made her lunch and she took a shower. After the shower I let her know she could do housework or school work. She did choose to wipe all the doorknobs and light switch plates. She then switched on the attitude, so I gave her a writing assignment. The assignment was I was cranky and ugly today because...

Here is her take on the day!

My tumpy (tummy) hurt me and I did not feel good but still my Mom made me work. Then when I worked my tumpy hurt and I tried my best but my Mom made me clean the floor four times. I think this is unfair. My Mom is making me work when my tumpy hurts a lot but still I love her. (Note this is when she realized I would be reading what she wrote) I wish when this happens I could have the day off.

After she stormed upstairs, locked her door and screamed at me when I knocked. I explained that had she mentioned she did not feel well we could have had a much different day.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Amusing look at Obama Healthcare

The American Medical Association has weighed in on the new Obama health care proposals.

The Allergists voted to scratch it, but the Dermatologists advised not to make any rash moves. The Gastroenterologists had sort of a gut feeling about it, but the Neurologists thought the Administration had a lot of nerve.

The Obstetricians felt they were all laboring under a misconception.. Ophthalmologists considered the idea shortsighted. Pathologists yelled, "Over my dead body!" while the Pediatricians said, "Oh, Grow up!"

The Psychiatrists thought the whole idea was madness, while the Radiologists could see right through it. Surgeons decided to wash their hands of the whole thing. The Internists thought it was a bitter pill to swallow, and the Plastic Surgeons said, "This puts a whole new face on the matter...."

The Podiatrists thought it was a step forward, but the Urologists were pissed off at the whole idea. The Anesthesiologists thought the whole idea was a gas, and the Cardiologists didn't have the heart to say no.

In the end, the Proctologists won out, leaving the entire decision up to the ass holes in Washington .

Friday, August 21, 2009

Gonna live life, not write about it!

Howdy all..gonna take a few days off the blog.

Today is the hubby and my 17th wedding anniversary so I plan to hang out with him so we can talk about how wonderful those years have been and what we plan to do for the next 17.

The weekend is all about Maddy so I will be busy hauling her all over the place.

On Monday Maddy and I get back to our home school schedule so we will both need a few days to adjust.

Hope everyone has a great weekend..I am gonna grab a beer and relax while can!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things that crack me up every time

There are certain things that crack me up every time here are a few of them.

First the entire movie Ace Ventura When Nature Calls has me in stitches it is so very silly. If I could link the whole movie I would but below is prolly my favorite scene.

The other movie is Kingpin. This movie is so crude and yet so funny.

When people put up fake reviews on Amazon and people run with it is always funny. First there was Three Wolves One Moon and now The Secret.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Car trips

Remember when you had to take a trip in the car with your family and there was nothing to entertain you? You had to either sit and look out the window or interact with your family and play goofy games.

These are the things I remember doing to pass the time on long car trips.

I Spy
Alphabet with either the signs or license plates
How many state plates could find. Since I lived in Texas we did not play this much.
Twenty Questions

I tried to explain Slug Bug to Maddy the other day and she just rolled her eyes and said that was about the stupidest thing she had heard. Why on earth would you hit someone because a car went by.

Finally when I was a bit older the walkman came out and then for a little while you could do your own thing in the car.

Now kids don't know how long a trip is in time or miles, just how many movies until we get there. They have freaking video games in the car when they travel now as well.

I think that time when you were pretty much forced to interact with the family was a good thing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The $50.00 dollar dog

When Mark and I first married we bought a dog from a pet store and paid a lot of money for him. Ren was a registered Maltese and quite expensive. He was an excellent pet and was really pretty low maintenance for a pure blooded dog. For 14 years he was a wonderful part of our family.

We when decided to get a puppy we made the decision to not go the purebred route or buy one from a pet store. We looked into several rescue groups and the SPCA. One Sunday morning we found the most adorable little puppy and we knew we had to have him.

He was from a family that "accidentally" had puppies. He was a mixed breed and the family was only asking $50.00 and would provide the first set of shots. It was done deal and we thought what a great bargain for our newest addition to the family.

We have now had Brusier for just over one year. We took official ownership of him the last weekend of July last year. In just one year lets see how much our $50.00 dog is now worth.

Once he was of age we did have him neutered and micro chipped. I would have had any pet neutered or spade so I will not count that in the cost amount. I also will not include any of the other things like shots and other things that are typical dog costs. The micro chip cost us $55.00.

When he was about 4 months old he got giardia and had to be taken to the night time emergency clinic and then spend the next full day at the vet's office. That ran us about $700.00. About a month later we came home and he had a huge knot on his head. We waited until the morning and thank goodness it was gone.

About a month ago he was taken to the vet becuase his bottom teeth had turned grey. A trip to the vet determined that he had found something metal to chew on. Thank goodness the vet did not charge us but for my time and trouble I am going to toss in $10.00.

We have taken him to obediance school as well that was $125.00.

Not to long ago in a blog I mentioned a bump on his head. Well we did go to the vet about it and it turns out the he has a small Histiocytoma and it should go away on its own. This trip cost us about $110.00. Also it can get infected or if it does not go away we can have it surgerically removed. Fun times.

The picture below shows you what it looks like when in one year a $50.00 dog becomes a $1000.00 one. Good thing we love the heck of this trouble maker!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School

Right now a lot of my friends are gearing up for another year of teaching. I loved teaching and if I had to work again it would be the job I would return to. However, I am so very thankful and blessed to be able to stay at home and spend time with Maddy and give her the education that Mark and I feel she needs.

When I was teaching I loved learning, expanding my knowledge and vocabulary. I loved the kinship and friendship that I made with the teachers I worked with. The ability to make an impact on a student in some cases where everyone else had given up on them. Watching the light bulbs go off when the kiddos actually understood the point we were trying to make. This was a challenge because I taught World History at a school were most kiddos had never left town.

I am always amazed and touched when former students find me and want to be FaceBook friends with me. It makes me proud to know that they will still allow me into their lives and want me to know how they are doing. There are some many great kids out there, but all we ever hear on the news is about the bad ones.

What makes me sad is that I feel the need to home school my child because I don't have the confidence in either public or private schools to provide her with skills that she desperately needs.

I get angry when I think of all the schools and teachers that are being micro managed by people who have either never taught school or have been out of the classroom so long they don't know how to relate to children anymore.

It disgusts me that we teach to the lowest common denominator and that teachers are told that they will never be questioned for passing a student but they must defend why they will fail one.

I wish that we as a society would place a much higher value on education and instilling the desire to be the best and brightest. Instead our education system has become a parent, meal provider and babysitter for the masses.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Remember When they gave swats?

Where I went to school if you got in enough trouble you would get swats. This pretty much applied to the guys in school, but once in a while a girl would get a swat or two.

You had the coaches or wood shop teacher who would look for kids to give swats to. They had the paddles with the holes in them and some of them would let the kids sign them after a particularly bad "swat session".

There was always one little old lady still teaching who thought she could still give a mean swat. That is who the girls always got sent to. If she attempted to give swats to a boy and they laughed..they were sent on to receive more swats where it would be most unpleasant.

For the guys in high school for some it was a game to see how many swats they could get in a year or from how many teachers. The best was to pull a prank, blame someone else and then witness them getting swats.

Today teachers can't touch the kiddos, but we lived through it just fine.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No child left behind

I live in the great state of Texas where we proudly have No Child Left Behind. This is one of the reasons that I am now a SAHM and home school my special needs kiddo. For those of you not familiar with this I have found the best description of the policy to share with you.

No Child Left Behind Football Style

1. All teams must make the state playoffs and all MUST win the championship. If a team does not win the championship, they will be on probation until they are the champions, and coaches will be held accountable. If after two years they have not won the championship their footballs and equipment will be taken away UNTIL they do win the championship.

2. All kids will be expected to have the same football skills at the same time even if they do not have the same conditions or opportunities to practice on their own. NO exceptions will be made for lack of interest in football, a desire to perform athletically, or genetic abilities or disabilities of themselves or of their parents.


3. Talented players will be asked to work out on their own, without instruction. This is because the coaches will be using all their instructional time with the athletes who aren’t interested in football, have limited athletic ability or whose parents don’t like football.

4. Games will be played year round, but statistics will only be kept in the 4th, 8th, and 11th game. It will create a New Age of Sports where every school is expected to have the same level of talent and all teams will reach the same minimum goals.

If no child gets ahead, then no child gets left behind.

If parents do not like this new law, they are encouraged to vote for vouchers and to support private schools that can screen out the non-athletes and prevent their children from having to go to school with bad football.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Maddy Randomness

We were having a conversation during lunch on Saturday about responsibilities. We were talking about how some people don't do what we think they should do. Maddy then says, "Well they should do it, it is their duty". A few seconds later she snorts, starts laughing and says "HA, I said doodie!". I almost fell out of my chair.

Maddy is a huge Twilight fan and has almost everything that has a picture of Rob Pattinson. She even had a necklace with Edward on it she wears 24/7. The other day I was in the computer room and I heard someone in the kitchen. I thought it was Mark so I said something about the weather. When I did not get a response I went into the kitchen and found Maddy there. I said, "Oh, I thought you were Daddy". She replies with "I am a not dad and if I was a boy I would be gay". I busted out in laughter as she held up her necklace and said "See..look at the facts"!

We were at lunch after church and Maddy said she had a new helper in her class. I asked if they were nice and she said yes he was even if he was really ugly. I asked again what she said and meant and she know..ugly..really old like a grandfather. I explained to her that the word was elderly. She said yep that is what I said!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Knowledge is Power

I believe that you do truly learn something new everyday and that when you learn things you should share them. We had some work done on our house the other day that required me to be out of the computer room for quite a chunk of time. I used that time very wisely scouring the magazines given to me by my mother-in-law. The information was truly amazing and I felt the need to share it with everyone else. No need to thank me, I know how much it means to you!

In no particular order here is all the new information I have learned:

1. Obama's Gay Lover lives in the White House. Evidently hunky bodyman Reggie Love has spent more time with Obama than Michelle and she is quite jealous.

2. Madonna's daugher Lourdes has been wearing a back brace and people seem to think she is suffering from scoliosis.

3. Twilight star Taylor Lautner hates his new hunky body and would prefer to be think and wiry again. Who doesn't hate a hot hunky body?

4. Ashton Kutcher suffered from a ruptured eardrum and Demi freaked out and panicked. Guess her kids never got ear infections?

5. Oprah and Stedman are have relationship issues because she is secretly in love with Obama and has a crazy mad crush on him. Guessing she does not know about the gay lover.

6. John Travolta plans to eat him self to death while mourning the loss of his son.

7. Dr. Phil and his wife are con artists. Say it isn't so!

8. Fat Kristie Alley is jealous of skinny Valerie Bertinelli.

9. Ryan O'Neal did not recognize his daughter Tatum at the funeral and hit on her.

10. Communists tried to kill John Wayne.

11. Britney Spears collapsed due to a terrifying medical scare. She has low blood sugar!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Conversations with Maddy

It is fascinating to watch the way her mind works and it can make for some very interesting conversations. We have had more of them lately and I would like to think that it is due to my work at home with her. She has had a lot of social interaction lately in many different situations so I am sure that it what has triggered this new found curiousity with the world.

Maddy: I wonder if I should learn how to drive

Mark: Well, if you think you want to try let us know

Maddy: Driving seems kinda hard. What are those pedals you push?

Mark: There is one for the gas and one to stop the car

Maddy: It is awful dark down there how do you know where they are?

Mark: It is something you just learn

Me: The pedals are shaped differently so you know which is which

Maddy: Seems like you would get tired moving your feet back and forth so much

Mark: You don't use both feet, you just use one and you keep your heel in place and just kinda pivot your foot between the pedals

Maddy: I am not sure if I want to learn how to drive, who would teach me?

Mark: There are people who teach you how to drive

Maddy: someone can teach me how to drive and then I can just drive?

Mark: Well, no it is not that simple

Maddy: But you just said that all I needed was someone to teach me to drive

Mark: That is true but there is more to it than just that

Maddy: Like what?

Mark: Well you have to learn how to drive and then you have to go and have your vision tested

Maddy: What?

Mark: They have you read an eye chart on the wall, they need to know that you can see well enough to drive

Maddy: Hmmm..I am not so sure about that part

Me: In addition, you will have to take a test

Maddy: A test, about what?

Me: You have to know the driving rules

Mark: Yep there are a lot of things you need to know.

Maddy: That would be easy!

Me: Really?

Maddy: Sure I know what almost everything on the car does! What does this do, well it is the radio, you listen to music with it. What is that? That is a horn and this is an airbag.

We tried to explain what type of questions they would really ask, but she was too busy making sure she knew what everything in the car did and why.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Remember When?

Remember when you would go to the skating rink? Real skates not these new fangled things with the wheels in a line. The cool kids had their own skates with sparklie laces and pom poms on them. There was couples skates, reverse skate, and at the skating ring I went to the night ended with the hokey pokey.

There was usually poorly stocked concession stand and you could count on the same music being played every week. For me it was this song:

And there was always one creepy guy that lurked about at our skating rink it was a guy named Todd. Kinda makes you think about this scene:

Until next time keep the good times rolling!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friday and Four College Kids

The husband and I make an excellent team. We always have, we know what needs to be done and we get it done. This is an excellent example of what lead to spending a Friday afternoon with 4 college kids.

For those of you who don't know my husband's second job is writing movie scripts. It is truly a second job, not a hobby. He spends as much time working at home on this as he does at his full time other job. If you are interested you can follow his progress here.

When I taught high school I met a lot of great kiddos and as they have graduated and moved on to college I have kept up with some of them. Knowing that we really needed to have our scripts read out loud I contacted one of my ex-students asking him to see if he could gather a few friends and come over to help us.

Whoa..that sounds kinda cool or interesting. Actually it was both. They were the target audience for this script. They knew movies, they even brought over a short film that a couple of them had filmed this summer. They were polite, respectful, had great ideas and were not afraid to share them.

Once they arrived Mark had everything set up for them. The scripts were printed, parts were highlighted. He gave some background information and away we went. It was interesting to hear the words come to life. We enjoyed watching them laugh during the funny scenes and cringe at the horror scenes. Mark got valuable feedback on the flow of the script, where things bogged down and where things worked. The kiddos had so much fun they asked if they could come back next week and even wanted to bring a few more friends.

In addition I learned the homemade cookies are like gold to college kids. They were amazed by them and happily took us up on the offer to take them all home. Next Friday I will plan to bake tons more to pay our new "reading crew".