Monday, March 28, 2011

Vegas Bound

Tomorrow Mark and I are getting away for a few days. He has a work convention in Las Vegas and my Mom is coming in to stay with Miss Maddy while we are gone. This is a short trip and we very much need it! The convention this year is at the Venetian which will be fun since it supposed to be very nice and is in the middle"ish" of the strip.

While I am resting and relaxing Maddy and I have a nice long list of things for here and mom to do. They are going to shop for Prom dresses. Prom is April 8th and I have not even bothered to being to look! They are also going to look at some makeup for Maddy. We have been to the dermatologist and it seems to be helping some but the poor kid is losing the war against her face/hormones right now. Since I don't wear makeup and never have I decided that would be a good job for Mom to help with.

Maddy is very excited for the time with Banma and I know they will have too much fun with whatever list I leave for them.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Special Olympics Track Meet

Today Maddy had her first Special Olympics tournament. She was signed up to run the 100 meter dash and her field event was the soft ball throw.

We arrived at the meet bright an early and Maddy was ready to rumble!

Her first event was the 100 meter dash. She took off like a shot, cruised a little in the middle and ended up with a photo finish with another girl. Maddy ran it in 17.3 seconds and first place as 17.1 seconds. Here she is proud of that second place medal.

After the parade and ceremonies we had the afternoon events and she was up for the softball throw. It did not hurt that her helper was a cutie pie!

She managed to not be too distracted by the cutie pie helper and placed second in her grouping of the softball throw.

Maddy had a great time and she can't wait for her next meet!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Call

Last night Maddy started a bible study at the church that is for the special needs kiddos. It was great to see about 15 kiddos there. The young man who is teaching the class is amazing. The kids were asking questions, interested and paying attention. The class will cover the basic tenets of faith and the sacraments.

The class is for an hour, but the first part is snacks and socializing. I love how The Woodlands United Methodist church has built such an amazing program for the special needs community.

While Maddy was in class, I slipped down to the cafe, found a table and listened to music and cross stitched. It has been years since I have done any sort of crafting and I am very glad that my eyes will let me!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Adding more to the plate

We have our first Special Olympics track meet this weekend. The extra driving to take her to practice has been well worth it. She was so excited to run track she could not wait to find out if she "made the team". I did not have the heart to tell her that everyone makes the team.

At the first practice about halfway through she could no longer stand it and asked the coach if she had made the team. She was greeted with a huge hug, smile and CONGRATULATIONS you are on the team! You could see the joy in her eyes.

Maddy is the only girl on the team and she loves that the boys can not keep up with her. We have started calling her Super Sonic. We are very excited about the meet this weekend and I know she will have a blast. She will be running the 100 meter. We think that next year she will run both the 100 and 200.

She is enjoying the Special Olympics program so much I have decided to go ahead and try swimming once track is over. In addition, this week Maddy will start an 8 week bible study at the church that is geared for Special Needs kiddos. This is such a wonderful program and the person teaching it is just as wonderful.

Wishing everyone a great week!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I thought I had her

Typically when the BF is out of town Maddy will take that Sunday off from church. I really like her to go so she can see her other friends, but I understand that she does need down time as well.

This past weekend one of my friends let me know they would not be at church. While I was helping Maddy get ready for church the following conversation occurred. Maddy and I go to church in the same building but we attend different services.

Me: Since my friend can't come to church today I think I will go to the service with you and the BF.

Maddy: NO, I don't think so

Me: But I have not been to Crowded House I wanna go and check it out. I promise to behave.

Maddy: No! You can go to your church and I will go to mine.

Me: Well if I don't have my friend to sit with and you won't let me go to your service maybe we should just stay at home. I could use the rest.

Maddy: NO!! You need to go to your service, if you don't see friends, it will give you a chance to make new friends to hang out with.

Me: Hmm, I like my friends, but I guess new ones would be ok too.

Maddy: See! You can still go to church even if your friend is not gonna be there.

Me: You are right!! I guess that means that next weekend when the BF is gone you will still go to church with me?

Maddy: *Glares*

Me: Because if I can go with my friend is not there, you can certainly go and see your friends when your boyfriend is not there.

Maddy: *Rolls Eyes* Mom, I get your point and I don't find it funny at all.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Things that are important

We all have things that we think are important and as we grow and mature those things change for the better. At least we think they do! I have been living in the world of two young people very smitten with each other.

The boyfriend has my phone number and when given he was instructed to only call or text me when it was something really important. I have no desire to have a running commentary on their day and relationship.

Below are subjects/texts that have been deemed by him to be important enough to text me about so far this year.

* I am getting tired of saying "I like" to Maddy, can we start saying we love each other

* When can I come over and hang out at your house?

* What time can I call Maddy?

* I am bored right now and don't know what to do

* I want to call Maddy and ask her a question

* Will you be home before 7:00?

* Can Maddy go watch me at basketball practice?

* I have to clean my room today so I won't be able to talk to Maddy before noon

* Why is Maddy not answering her phone?

* What time can I call Maddy this morning?

* Let Maddy know I am home from my guitar lesson

* Can I call her at 3:00 or 4:00?

* Can I call her now or not?

* I have always wanted to join the miley cyrus fan club do you know how?

* Is Maddy home yet?

* What time does Maddy leave for Girl Scouts tomorow?

* Let me know if you got my last text

* I called Maddy and she did not answer. Do you know where she is?

* Can I call Maddy at 1:30? Is that a good time?

* Where is Maddy? I want to talk to her now

* Did you get my text?

* I called Maddy why is she not answering?

* Did you get my text? I wanted to know why Maddy was not answering her phone

* Is it ok if I call Maddy at 8 in the morning?

* When can I call Maddy again?

* Do you think Maddy would like the movie Zombieland?

* Have you seen Zombieland?

* I want to know if it ok for Maddy to call me a hottie

* Can Maddy come with me to basketball practice today?

* Let Maddy know I texted her and I am waiting for her response

* Tell Maddy to call me

* Can I come over sometime this month?

* When can I propose to Maddy?

* I am gonna delete your number so I don't text you too much

* I added your number back in case I ever needed it

* I will see you at 2 on Saturday. Is there anyway you can pick me up at 1 instead so I can spend more time with Maddy?

* When Maddy turns 18 do we have to have permission to kiss?

* Can Maddy and I talk on the phone till 10 tonight?

* Tell Maddy I called and she did not answer

This is just a sampling I took from the beginning of this year till today.
I think it is a good thing I have unlimited text messaging!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Madness

This is what greeted me when I flipped the calendar to March this morning. I still need to add in the weekly track practices once I get a firm day of week for practice.