Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finding Balance

When it comes to general life I can multitask pretty well. But when it comes to a job or project that needs to be done I struggle. The goal is always to get it done and off the list. Now that I am running the house and working on the website I have had to learn how to balance both.

The past two weeks I feel that a balance has been found and I am productive in both areas. House things get done, errands are run and everyone eats dinner. The website is coming along nicely and I think the Beta phase is going well. The site is working as it should and we are learning how to be more efficient and making a ton of improvements.

It will be interesting to see how I handle next week when Maddy and I start our school year. I know that will take up several hours of the day, but I am sure that after a couple of weeks we will find a good routine.

In the meantime do me a favor and friend SaveonBrew on FB, follow it on Twitter and tell everyone you know. The sooner this takes off the sooner I can finally get that cabana boy and tennis lessons!!
If you don't wanna do it for the cheap beer then do it for all the out of work cabana boys!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Shameless Plug

It is finally done! Well almost....

For those of you who live in Texas please participate in the Beta and give me feedback. For those of you not in Texas plan to see the site ready for you in about 4-6 weeks.

The site is www.saveonbrew.com

We have harnessed the power of the internet to locate the best beer prices and we are doing it just for YOU! Please check out the site, send me feedback and of course tell all your friends!!!

Lessons are lurking in the least likely places

This week Maddy was at speech and in addition to the actual speech therapy part of the session time they often work on critical thinking skills and other applicable social things.

This week is was a great work sheet on problem solving consequences. To make it a little more challenging the therapist required Maddy to give two examples of what could happen in certain events.

One of the questions was about leaving your wallet on the counter at the grocery store. Maddy immediately launched into how someone could get the wallet, steal your identity and use your credit cards.

The speech therapist was very impressed with the depth and quickness of the answer. When she is telling me I thought about my Mother and all she had to deal with when her identity was stolen. I just assumed that Maddy must have overheard Mom and during this time.

When the speech therapist asked how Maddy knew about identity theft, Maddy just smiled really big and said "I learned it on Spongebob".

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All about reading

On the way to speech today Maddy told me that she loves to read.

She said the reason she loves to read is that it is like TV in your head.

How embarassing for you

A couple of months ago I slept in on a Saturday morning. I must have slept longer than the family thought I needed to and Maddy came in the room to wake me. After we visited for a few minutes I got out of bed to get ready for the day.

The following conversation occurred just after I left the bed.

Maddy: Ummm, MOM!

Me: What?

Maddy: Did you know that you are naked?

Me: Yeah, I know I am naked.

Maddy: OMG MOM!!! HOW EMBARRASSING FOR YOU!! What were you thinking? Daddy might have seen you!!

Me: Hmm I guess I should have thought of that

Maddy: I can't believe you Mom. Do you know how embarrassed you would have been if Daddy saw you all naked.

Me: Well I guess I got lucky this time, I will have to remember that in the future.

I love having a 16 almost 17 year old kiddo that is still sweet and naive.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Yes Virginia, there is a Jennifer

I am such a slave to routine and schedules that when they get mixed up it takes me forever to get everything back in line.

We have been so very busy here that I have not taken the time to blog at all. I find time to read blogs, but not to write one.

I declare myself back in action and almost new routine set.

Things I have done and are doing:

*Went to Europe for two weeks, yes it was awesome sauce

*Read the Hubby's new script and thinks he will get some good responses out in LA from it

*Hubby goes to LA soon for meeting and gets to meet his agents at UTA

*Oct. 19th Lost Tribe comes out on DVD. I have not seen it so I can't tell you if it is good or not. What I know is that the Hubby's name is in the credits!!

*Our SaveonBrew website should go live in Texas this week or next. We have put a ton of time and effort into this. Can't wait to see it launch!

*Making time every day to exercise and I love the way I feel when I do

*Everyone here is healthy and happy

Thursday, August 5, 2010

On a boat!

My aunt and I flew into London and spent a couple of days touring around the city and being tourists. We had both already been to London so it was relaxing as we did not feel we had to "see" everything. The biggest change I noticed was how you could not longer just walk up to things anymore. It is quite sad that all the bad people in the world have affected the way that people can experience a city so full of history.

After our time in London it was time to board the boat.

Ok we were not on that boat....

and we weren't on this boat.

We boarded the Crown Princess to start our 12 day British Isles cruise. This is one BIG boat!

With a boat this big, you are bound to meet some interesting people!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Back in Action

Hello Blog World, I hope to join your ranks again as a regular writer soon.

I spent the month of July on vacations and I had a great time. Coming this week will be reflections of those trips.
Vacation is great, but it is even better to be back home!