Friday, October 22, 2010

Blonde Joke that is no joke

Today Maddy and I spent about 3 hours at the beauty college. I love that we get to help students, get a good product and we don't break the bank. I got all over color and Maddy got highlights, cut and blowdry/style. It was a bargain!

Maddy's highlights are blonde and so now she is more blonde than brunette. Once we got home she ran right upstairs to text the boyfriend about the new hair color and I returned a call to my aunt.

While I am talking to my aunt, Maddy comes downstairs because she needs help with her text message. She needed to know how to spell blonde. After writing it down for Maddy I return to my phone call where my aunt is laughing.

She said only a blonde would need help spelling blonde!!

Rah Rah Ree

Recently Maddy started in a cheer program at church. She has always wanted to be a cheer leader and she is so happy to finally be able to do this. Last week was our first week and she did well. Most of the time she just looked a bit shy and embarrassed. She remembered all the cheers and did pretty good on the arm movements.

This week is cheer pictures after the game. I am hoping for a real smile and not the I am trying to smile are you happy look.

Last week all my pictures had girls that I don't have permission to post so I promise after this weeks game I will post a picture for ya!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Recently Maddy has started going to the mainstream Senior High service at out church. This change occurred because this is the service "the boyfriend" attends. I like that she is around more kiddos her age and that she gets a bit more message out of the service.

A few weeks ago they had communion for the service. After church that day I was asking Maddy about it and the following conversation occurred.

Me: I heard you had communion during church today.

Maddy: What? I did not do anything, I was well behaved!

Me: I am sure you were well behaved, but did you participate in communion?

Maddy: Where are you hearing this stuff? I told you I did not do anything in church, I was good and followed all the rules just like I am supposed to!

Me: When you were in church today did you eat a piece of bread?

Maddy: Oh yeah we did that today.

Me: Honey, do you know what communion is?

Maddy: No not really.

On the way home we talked about communion, what it was, what it meant.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

See Mom!

Today while we were at the park Maddy wanted to know what her birthstone was, what color it was and how to say it properly. I told her it was Opal and that opals have a lot of different colors in them. She then informed me that for Christmas the boyfriend was going to give her a ring with her birthstone in it. I told her that we needed to make sure to get something nice for the boyfriend since he has spent so much money on her. (While he was on vacation he bought her a very sweet rhinestone heart necklace.)

Later when we were in the car she was telling me that he liked the zany band heart bracelet she gave him and that he loved the zany band dog shaped ring she gave him last weekend. I could almost hear the light bulb go off in her head. Hey MOM!! I do give him stuff! I gave him the zany bands and I always give him the posters from my room when I don't want them anymore.

Uh..huh..used posters vs. jewelry!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Calories in, Calories out

This week the hubby and I started the calorie count routine. We are documenting everything we eat and we have our target number to watch every day. It is amazing to me the empty calories I eat without thinking about it. Long story short it is all about calories in and calories out. This change works for me because I don't feel like I can't have anything. I get to make a choice!

Here is an interesting article about the theory of it is all about calorie count and exercise:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Why Maddy is so awesome

I am constantly amazed and amused by Maddy. She has a sweet and unique personality and a lot of that showed this past Thursday.

Unfortunately Thursday afternoon was most unpleasant here at the house. Maddy had multiple grand mal seizures that required a call to 911 and a trip to the hospital. (For those who don't know, Maddy has suffered seizures for most of her life and thank goodness we only have to do a hospital run every couple of years.)

Because she was having a difficult time they had to drug her up pretty good. They also gave her some medicine for the migraine after as well. Once she started coming to she looked around and slurred to me "Mom, am I in the hospital?". When I said yes, she said, "Oh man! This sucks! I don't get to go to Granmom's house now."

While I was waiting for the hubby to come get us from the ER I kept stepping towards the end of the room to look for him. One time Maddy told me not to leave her alone. When I told her that I had been with her the whole time she very quickly told me that I had in fact not been with her the whole time. She was not pleased that I had chosen to stay in the room instead of going with her when she got the Cat Scan!

On the way home we stopped by the in-laws so that she could see them and they could see her. She was still pretty loopy and while they were asking her questions about how she felt, she proudly announced to them that she puked while in the hospital. Talk about TMI.

Once home she slept for several hours and when she finally wandered out to find us she noticed that we had already eaten. She looked at me and said "Wow, you guys went ahead and ate dinner? What about me? What do I get for dinner?"

The next morning when she woke up after a nice night of sleep she quietly asks me from upstairs if she can finally get up or will I make her go back to bed yet again.

I did let her get up and we went on to do all our Friday and weekend plans. Thank goodness all is back to normal around here.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We survived the birthday

This past week Maddy turned 17. She was very excited about her birthday. Technically she is excited every year for her birthday. It is never to early to start planning. I already know that next year her birthday is on Saturday. It won't be long until we are discussing the cake and theme. Wonder where she got the planning ahead genes??

This year was a bit different and special because her boyfriend came over to the in-laws with us. She and the boyfriend are just too darn cute together. They both just light up when the see each other. Maddy had very specific plans and ideas for her party this year. I guess she decided that the adults could not be trusted on our own to get it right.

Maddy came down the stairs the other morning all happy and told me that she had just talked to Grandmom. Grandmom had gotten her a cake with Justin Bieber on it, she only got two candles, a 1 and a 7. Grandmom had talked to the younger nephew so he would not blow out the candles since it was Maddy's special birthday. She went on about a few other things and about how awesome Grandmom was.

I get a call the next morning from Grandmom and have the funniest conversation. It seems that Maddy called Grandmom and laid down the law. These were the rules that had to be followed at the birthday party!

1. I must have a Justin Bieber birthday cake. I want white cake and if you don't have a picture for the cake store, then go buy a magazine and pick one. Make sure you pick a good picture that I will like.

2. I don't want a bunch of candles!! Don't put on those candles that won't blow out! I want a 1 and a 7 candle.

3. You can't let my cousin blow out my candles this year. I will have my boyfriend over and I need to blow out my own candles. this year.

4. When we arrive you need to stay in the kitchen. Pop has to answer the door, meet my boyfriend and not tease him. Then I will bring him to the kitchen to meet you.

5. When it is time to eat the cake Pop can not eat the piece of the cake with Justin's nose on it and he can't make any nose jokes.

Thank goodness we were all able to follow the rules and it was a rousing success. Who knows maybe she could be a party planner one day!