Monday, February 28, 2011

Maddy's advice column

Each month Maddy and I do a little newsletter.  For this month's newsletter I filmed her answering questions from her newsletter readers.  Here it is for you to enjoy!  If you want to send a question for next month or if you want to recieve her newsletter send me an e-mail

Sunday, February 27, 2011

From the mouths of babes

This afternoon Maddy and I did some mission work at the Church.  We helped make sack lunches for a homeless shelter in the area.  We also asked that the kiddos (all special needs kiddos) to make a card to go in the lunch.  We were reviewing them before placing them in the sacks.  This was everyone's favorite!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Middle age

The hubby had a birthday this week and I have one in May.  We are now in our middle 40's.  Over the past few weeks I have heard about people we know and it is so surprising to me that how different our lives are from those around us.

In the past month I have been told about two people who have just gone off the deep end crazy ,one suicide attempt and one divorce.  I wonder what is it that causes this kind of change.  On the flip side I see via Face Book a lot of people who are taking up marathons and long distance biking.  This I can understand and I am now also in a phase to try to whip this body back into shape.  However I am pretty sure I will not be taking my exercise to marathon level.

Even though I am trying to eat better, exercise more and overall be a better person I don't think is has to do with my age.  I am doing these things for me, for my family and because I have known I needed to do it for a long, long time.

I am happy to report that I am very happy with my life, family, marriage and even though I complain once in a while I am happy to have work to do in addition to running the house.  I stay very busy with things that I need to do and things that Maddy has to do.  Maybe that is the difference?  We are all very busy and that requires us to  pitch in and help each other out.  The family that works non-stop stays together?

Self esteem and respect are the keys for me.  We all have it for each other and ourselves in my house.  Is that the combination other people are missing?  While my heart hurts for these people, I am thankful that I am not even close to being able to understand why or how for them.

I hope that everyone reading this is happy and healthy.  Think something nice about yourself and say something nice to someone around you.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Never a dull moment

Some stuff you just can't make up.  This morning I heard Maddy get out of bed and do her usual stomp around upstairs morning routine.  I am at my computer working and then I get this text:

Mom, can you come upstairs and help me?  I have my bra stuck in my hair.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fishing for answers

Now that Maddy has the full time BF we are getting to see a few new behaviors from her.  Most are good but a few are about to wear me out.  They will get an idea about how to see each other and just like little kids they are gonna work every angle to try to see if they can get the result they want.

Last week I was able to enjoy the independence streak from Maddy and on Monday for the first time in our lives we sent off an application to camp.  A true away from home 4 day camp this summer.  I am very excited and extremely nervous about that.

We don't live near the BF or where most of her Church and Girl Scout activities are.  Most things are about 25-35 minute drives one way for me.  Since I stay home full time I tell people the one thing I have plenty of is time.  We want Maddy to have a good social life and I am happy to spend the time to take her places.

The BF goes to a YMCA three times a week that has a really good day program for special needs kiddos.  When I first learned about it, I considered it for Maddy.  But then I had to factor in that it is 45 minutes one way from the house.  I am not sure about the cost and honestly I have a lot I am working with Maddy on around the house.  Then we started full force on our website business and that really cut down on the massive amounts of free time I had.  When I look at my calendar and I see that Maddy already for this year has at least something once a month on the calendar until June, I don't worry about her not participating in a day program.

This week Maddy and the BF decided it would be great, wonderful and perfect if Maddy could be at the YMCA in the day program with him.  Maddy comes down the stairs all smiles and that look of mischief in her eyes.  Hey Mom, she asks, do you think it would be a good idea if I could get out of the house more often?  She proceeds to tell me how I could get my work done and she would be out of the house with friends, having fun and learning things.  I explained to her that it just was not feasible for her to attend the day program at the YMCA.  Needless to say, she did not care for my answer.

A few minutes later I hear her in the computer room.  "Hey Dad, do you think it is better for me to be stuck in the house all day or to be out somewhere having fun and learning stuff?"  I am not sure everything she pitched to Mark, but I am sure she gave it her best.  After she left the room, I explained to Mark why I had not pursued the day program and what the hold ups were.  As always Mark had a few helpful things for me to look into and a possibility of making it happen that would work for all of us.

The next morning my phone rings and it is my Mother-in-law.  She wanted to talk to me briefly to let me know about a conversation that she and Maddy had and did not want Maddy to use the Grandmom said routine on me.  Evidently in their daily phone conversation Maddy asked her Grandmom if it was better for a girl to be stuck at home having to watch TV all day or would it be better if she was out of the house three days having fun, spending time with friends, going on field trips and learning things.   Thankfully the MIL did not fall for the trap and knew that Maddy was up to something. 

Maddy and I had a very LONG talk about how it is good to be persistent if you want something, but it is not good when you make other people look bad in trying to get what you want.  I had to explain to her when she tells people she does nothing all day or that all she does is watch TV then it makes me look bad.  We went over all the stuff she does and that we work on to let her know that she does in fact have plenty to do here at home.

Monday, February 14, 2011

                                     Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Miss Independence

I had a Dr. appointment today and since it was close to the house and early in the morning I let Maddy stay home.  Things ran late (big surprise at a Dr.'s office) so I was much delayed in getting home.

When I could finally check in on her she let me know she was doing her laundry and cleaning the house.  When I got home her laundry was going like gangbusters, she had dry mopped the floors, cleaned the kitchen counters, dust busted the stairs and was dusting the wood on the stair case.  She had also taken her medication.

I mentioned to her when I got home how nice the house looked and smelled.  She told me I was most welcome and she loved having chances like this to prove to me that she can live away from home and keep a nice clean place.

Friday, February 4, 2011

This and That

Basically have a whole bunch of nothing for today.

Happy to say that we are staying warm in the non-snow event we had here.  Weeks like this just zap my energy and I want to sleep all day.  I am going to attempt today to take a nap. 

Out of the blue I heard from someone from my past.  It was good and disturbing both to hear from them.  It seems that the home life is not good at all. Guess they just needed someone to talk to. Their spouse has taken mid-life crisis to a whole new level and I spend the better part of 45 minute with my mouth agape at the stories.  It got me thinking a bit and the hubby and I are such low key peeps, I wonder if I got the call because they knew I would not have any drama, trauma, or crisis to bend their ear about.  

This weekend I guess there is some sort of football game on the TV.  We typically go over to a friends house for part of the game.  Maddy wants to go up to the church and watch the game with all the other high school kiddos.  I am sure it has nothing to do with the BF being there.  I think it is good that she is trying new things and so thankful that the environment at the church is so open and loving that she can spend and evening with high school kids around her age and I don't have to worry.

We are almost done with our Girl Scout Cookie stint.  The hubby was wonderful and took the sign up sheet to his work.  Maddy is in a small troop that is just special needs kiddos and they go do something fun and social every month.  They went to a small theater to see a play this month and she came home smiling and talked about it for days.  The cast signed the playbill for the girls and Maddy loves to show off that she is the only one that someone wrote Princess Maddy.

I have made posts before about how Maddy is constantly showered with presents from people just because. It almost happened again.  We were at the restaurant we eat at almost once a week (free plug for Carrabbas Grill here) and the owner asked if Maddy was an Edward fan or a Jacob fan.  He said that the Blockbuster that is shutting down had a large framed picture of Jacob and he almost bought it for her, but then remembered she liked Edward. 

Toward the end of last year Maddy asked me if we could start doing her monthly newsletter again.  This is something I did our first year of homeschooling.  It gave her motivation to write and be accepting of my "editing" her writing.  It challenged her to be creative and she loved hearing from people when the received her newsletter.  This week we sat down and got the January newsletter done.  She had several stories she had written during the month so we had plenty to choose from.  Many days I would ask what she was doing and she would call down, writing up something for the news letter.  This time around she had better ideas of what to put in the newsletter and the content. 

While we working on the news letter she decided she wanted part of it to be an advice column so we have asked all the readers to send in questions for Maddy to answer.  So far we have received some great and funny questions.  I am considering video taping Maddy answering the questions so we can see her reactions to them.  I have not told her any of the questions so it will be a true reaction and response.  This will mean more work on my part, but I think everyone will love it including Maddy.

If you are just a blog reader, but would like to receive Maddy's newsletter send me and e-mail at and I will add you to the distribution list.

Stay warm where ever you are and I think I will look out the window one more time to see if the snow they promised magically appeared.