Saturday, February 25, 2012

When your kiddo makes you so proud

Maddy will often repeat what she hears and several times is so funny, other times it is inappropriate which honestly is still funny. 

However last night I listened to a conversation she had with a friend and my heart almost exploded I was so proud of her. What she said came from her heart and was very touching.

We were in the car taking her friend home and this was the conversation.

Friend:  I don't know if you noticed but I have put on a little bit of weight lately.

Maddy: That's ok, you are still my best friend.

Friend:  I really, really need to stop eating so many sweets.

Maddy: Just tell yourself you can do it, you can do it.

Friend: Yeah that is a good idea.

Maddy:  You like grapes right?

Friend:  I love grapes!

Maddy:  See then it is easy then, when you want a sweet, go get the grapes instead, if you like apples then you have a choice of apples or grapes.

Friend:  You are so right I can eat those things instead.  I like carrots too, should I eat those?

Maddy: Heck ya!  I love carrots.

Friend:  Thanks for helping me with this.

Maddy: No problem, I had noticed as well, but I did not want to say anything and hurt your feelings.

Friend:  It is OK, I just need to stop with the sweets.

Maddy: I know you can do it!

It was nice to know that she was able to give encouragement, good advice and be kind to her best friend.  After we dropped the friend off, I told Maddy how very proud I was of her.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

MIss Maddy

Today Maddy and I went to the nail salon.  She loves her manicures and pedicures and we always go to the same place so everyone knows her.  Since it was a week day the place was pretty empty.  During the pedicures we were chatting about all kinds of random things.  When some of staff did not understand everything in English the lady doing Maddy's toes would re-tell the story to them.

While Maddy was getting her manicure one of the ladies who was pregnant asked Maddy if after she had her baby could she hire Maddy to baby sit.  Without missing a beat, and fairly loudly Maddy responded "I can't babysit for you, I don't speak your language".   I thought everyone in the salon was gonna pee their pants they were all laughing so hard.

Gotta love a kid with no filter!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I might get good at this after many attempts!

This week we released our press release showcasing the Super Bowl Info graphic we did.

Click Here for the blog post and a bigger image

In two days we have been covered in 15 different types of media ranging from newspapers, internet and a whole lot of radio. 

I have already done two radio interviews.  One I bunted and the other I knocked it out of the park.  One of our partners did a radio interview today and we have one scheduled for tomorrow. 

Soon we will catch the eye of the "big boys" and hopefully we will move up from the Triple A team to the big leagues in news coverage.

Enjoy the Super Bowl, drink safe and don't forget the commercials!