Saturday, March 17, 2012

Oh hi there

Figured it was about time I checked in.  A whole lot of this and that going on.  Spring has sprung and here in Houston we are feeling the first waves of summer heat and humidity.  This is the time of year that my calendar fills up faster than the speed of light.

We got all the paperwork in and Maddy was approved for SSI and Medicaid.  We are already beginning to see the results of the months it took to get it done.  Within the next 3 weeks everything will be set and Maddy will get speech, physical and occupational therapy once a week here at the house.  Yep at the house! 

I am still learning about Medicaid but I will master it!  We got a letter this week from AT&T stated that since Maddy was on Medicaid our land line bill would be reduced.  Hopefully we will continue to get  little happy surprises the next month or two.

This is shaping up to be a wonderful, fun filled summer for Maddy.

This weekend is the last weekend of basketball cheer.

All the girls were excited this year, because it was the first year of "real" cheer uniforms.

Maddy is madly in "like" with a new boy.  He lives in Livingston which is a good and a bad thing.  The good thing is they are far enough apart they don't have the time or ability to be all about the other person.  They get to do their own thing and talk about it on the phone.  Mom lives in Livingston and Maddy is already planning trips to see her Banma stating she never gets to spend enough time with her.  Yeah right, we all know it is a way to see the boy more.  However I am so happy that will be spending more time with Mom.

Maddy is in SO track again this year.  She is running better than she did last year.  She loves going to practice and can't wait for her first meet on the 31st.  Hopefully she will come home with a ton of medals!

That gets you caught up for this month. 

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