Thursday, February 2, 2012

MIss Maddy

Today Maddy and I went to the nail salon.  She loves her manicures and pedicures and we always go to the same place so everyone knows her.  Since it was a week day the place was pretty empty.  During the pedicures we were chatting about all kinds of random things.  When some of staff did not understand everything in English the lady doing Maddy's toes would re-tell the story to them.

While Maddy was getting her manicure one of the ladies who was pregnant asked Maddy if after she had her baby could she hire Maddy to baby sit.  Without missing a beat, and fairly loudly Maddy responded "I can't babysit for you, I don't speak your language".   I thought everyone in the salon was gonna pee their pants they were all laughing so hard.

Gotta love a kid with no filter!

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